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Bill Cosby is such a…well, disappointment but that’s not a strong enough word. Piece of shit isn’t even strong enough. I used to worship the guy. I remember listening to his comedy albums in the 1960s (“Buck buck number one!" ). I used to brag about him all the time…how he could be so hysterically funny without swearing, other than an occasional “damn” and “hell,” as if that was an indication that he was a good person. From now on when people give me lip for swearing (which they sometimes do because I love to say bad, bad words), I think I’ll just look them in the eye and say, “Bill Fucking Cosby.”

ProudMerry 7 Apr 28

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Watched fat Albert every Saturday AM during the 1970s. Listened to his albums in college. Knew someone in high school that became a producer on the Cosby Show, actor Arthur French’s daughter. Yeah, huge disappointment.

I just hope the shoe doesn’t drop on Fred Rogers. That would break me especially with the film documentary coming out soon. I want to believe that guy is ethically flawless. Was a minister though.

@ProudMerry Nothing. But he was a minister, he adored children. I’m hoping there is nothing on him. There’s a movie coming out about him soon. In today’s political climate all sorts of people are willing to cast negative aspersions on all kinds of public personas. Fred Rogers left us years ago but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be damage.

@ProudMerry everyone’s judgement was off


His television show in the 80's helped to show a lot of positive look at the African-American life. I was so disappointed to hear of his dark side. Those poor victims needed to get justice.


I worked on the tv show TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, and Cosby appeared in an episode as an angel...his presence on set was anything but...I had adored his humor, and I guess I still do, but his demeanor left a lot to be desired.


I grew up liking Bill Cosby too -he was everyone's dad with the jello commercials and its sad to see the true Cosby now.

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