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Politicians are trying to rewrite history, and trying to keep us ignorant and uninformed. This is how they try to crontrol and brainwash the population. Banning books, reclassifying slavery as involuntary relocations, denying the holocaust. All based on religious natationalist beliefs. Whether it's the taliban or evangelical Christians or Myanmar's Buddhist government exterminating their Muslim inhabitants, or India's cast system based on Hinduism, religion keeps the human race from advancing and reaching its full potential.

noworry28 8 Aug 23

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"It's not yours to erase or destroy." But it can always be improved and even modified as long as both versions are retained.

Modify what. There's no both versions of slavery or the holocaust. Factual and accurate accounts of history is all that should be taught. Changing historical facts because you don't like it is not both sides, it's a lie.

@noworry28 Depends on who wins the politics and teaches history.

@rainmanjr That's my point. History should be factual, not written to make the winner looks good.

@noworry28 But you're talking about a should be. I'm talking about what is. Ever hear the quote "When a legend becomes the history go with the legend?" Howard Zinn showed us a bit of what few knew and that still holds true. Winners write history and the truth is forgotten or lost. Maybe comes up a century later when the tragic effects have already been realized. We in the now get to feel a bit cleaner for "fixing" it.

Pf course before you change anything you must have evidence

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