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Does Twitter Discriminate Against Nonbelievers?

In a recent post, @barjoe indicated that he needed to be careful with what he said on Twitter. As I am not on Twitter, I would like to know from those of you on this site who Tweet or follow Twitter users, if this service practices discrimination against nonbelievers and atheists who legitimately criticize religion of any stripe.

p-nullifidian 8 Aug 24

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It's probably to do with Twitter algorithm which is done by machine learning. Nothing personal.

Ryo1 Level 8 Aug 26, 2022



Just wait till Musk gets to be boss.

Musk is a snowflake man child, long know for firing people who criticize him


I have never felt the urge to make tweets.


Twitter booted me out for mocking the absurd claims of believers. As far as I am concerned Twitter can go and jump into Hades.

Or just disappear altogether, along with disgracebook and Whimpstagram.


I don't use Twitter but it wouldn't surprise me if only that most everywhere, non-followers are not favored and are subject to slight if not outright shunning and discrimination. Same thing on the Nextdoor neighborhood media as far as radical right-wing followers. It's almost like a secret society but getting more out in the open every day.

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