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Holy shit. I'm watching the 1943 Batman movie, and my god, is it racist. Plus, the whole plot of it is that Batman was a secret U.S. government agent, who lived in Los Angeles; not Gotham City, and he was on a mission to stop a Japanese super villain from liberating innocent prisoners from internment camps to help overthrow America.

So it isn't even true to the comic.

Dyl1983 8 Aug 29

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You are correct. I suppose they wanted to end the war but I still watch some of this stuff. Had to believe today that i was in Germany just 20 years after Hitler. There were some bars that a GI was not welcome in.


So was everything in 1944, 1945, 1946.. etc. 😂


Let's see... What was going on in the world in 1943.

Oh yeah. I remember... WWII.

So who would the American film industry denigrate in those days? Ooh, ooh. I know.
Japan and/or Germany among a few others -- a little not so subtle propaganda.

We can tut, tut, it these days but it's a serious shame our society/world fails to advance.

I saw a book a while back -- You Call This Living? -- that is a collection of political 'jokes' over the years. It showed how little the 'jokes' changed. Only the targets changed to reflect the politics of the time.

"Did you hear the one about the '...' who was so stupid that they acted comically like a fool?" Ha, ha, ha.

A few years layer you'll find exactly the same 'joke' -- with only the '...' changed to another target.

Our we-they attitudes are pathetic whether it's Rethuglicans vs Democraps or insert your least favorite minority here... We've been stuck in the gutter for literally thousands of years.


Really ! In 1943.


Later than that, mixed race married couples were jailed in Florida.

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