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Mikhail Gorbachev recognised the failings of communism and sought to reform the system. He never intended for the Soviet Union to fail with the union breaking.

Who will be the leader who recognises the failings of capitalism and seek to reform the system? And will another unintended consequence be the breaking apart of another union?

I have no doubt capitalism will collapse for the simple fact that it is unsustainable. Consumer based capitalism anyway.

PS RT is full of praise for the man, not exactly "despised at home" as the article states. Yeltsin was the nut case.

puff 7 Aug 31

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Do a search on “timeline of American economic recessions”

Ditto for depressions. You may have to click on “images”.

We taxpayers bail out the culprit#.

I find timelines.of things interesting, even of autism, etc.


The collapse of capitalism is coming about now because of the extremes it is following. A simple system of supply and demand has turned into everything you do and every move you make becoming something to buy being pushed at you. This is because all your habits online are being bought and sold. You have become that dog who chases cars but cannot drive. E-mail is showing you that car from yesterday you looked at and others know it and do not want to be under sold. If they know you sneezed you will be shown the right medicine without asking for it. This is the beginning of the end for capitalism.

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