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War is bad, people die and live horribly.
Lot's about Ukraine, but the same weapon manufacturers make merry wherever the action is.

“We are particularly concerned with the fact that third States continue to supply arms to the parties to the conflict in Yemen,” Mr. Imseis said. “There are a few leading players in that: the United States, France, the United Kingdom and this year we added Canada because there has been an uptick in arms sales by the Canadians in 2019.”

puff 8 Sep 14

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We should be helping the Saudi’s to destroy the Iranian backed Yemen rebels so they war can be resolved but that crazy idiot Biden and his Secretary of State Blinken refused to do so. Hell they even want to redo the insane Iran deal which made no sense at all.

And we should rip up AUKUS. Another insane deal that makes no sense at all.

I have no problem with Australia buying US nuclear submarines.


The Russo-Ukraine War may be the first war in history where one side's goal is to prolong the war as long as possible to generate arms sales.


The AK-47 is without a doubt the most ‘successful’ weapon of death ever to be exported to conflict zones. The Nicolas Cage film Lord of War is based on actual characters and events.


Russia is a major arms dealer. So is China. Strange how you "overlook" them.

@Petter The only imperialism is Western imperialism. Don't you know that?

Not me, the UN report. It's a quote, not my opinion. Strange how you focus on the messenger not the message


Don't forget Russia, by way of Iran and Syria.

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