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Let's make America great again...

If only...

snytiger6 9 Sep 18

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Y’all don’t want higher black unemployment????

Always knew the democrats were the real races.


My sentiment exactly!


Nothing silly random or fun about harboring dark fantasies of pushing people off of a cliff no matter how detestable they may be, and certainly does no honor to secular humanism. Challenge someone like Trump to a debate, give a chance to argue out his points, and if he doesn't agree to such it's probably because he couldn't rationally defend his talking points in which you'd win the debate then by default.

Such a meme could easily depict other scenarios... How would you feel if the person getting pushed off a cliff was a gay man, his assaulter being one who actually believed that the gay lifestyle was dangerous to society and that his actions were justified? I'm willing to bet you wouldn't think that's humorous, and I sure wouldn't be amused at such either. Not to mention on certain social media platforms the authorities would be contacted over what could be perceived as veiled threats. Please think about that.

If you harbor that much rage and resentment, I'd suggest consulting a therapist then, and I say that in a kind way and not to be sarcastic. Full disclosure, I don't care for the man either, but I would say the same thing regardless of the politician being depicted, because violent fantasies aren't the solution to the problems we face in society, and surely we are better than that. Then again, maybe not, maybe perhaps I'm lending far too much credit to the secular community? That said, I can understand your frustration, but there might be a better way of venting frustration is all I'm suggesting.

Yeah, I did debate with myself about posting it. It isn't really so much the idea of pushing Trump off a cliff that is appealing as just simply having all the drama around him suddenly end, which makes it appealing. I decided not to take this cartoon or any cartoons literally, as they are just cartoons and are not meant to be taken literally.

@snytiger6 Nevertheless, the cartoon raises an interesting philosophical question. If you could travel back in time to early 1920’s Germany with a chance to assassinate an unknown rabble rouser named Adolf Hitler, what would you do? Pull the trigger, or try to talk him out of his fanaticism? Trump presents us with a similar dilemma. Only the most naive among us would believe a debate with him would produce a fruitful result. Therefore, the desire to push him off a cliff would not represent an act of rage. It would be more akin to an armed citizen shooting a gunman in a shopping mall. Would such a person be acting out a violent fantasy? Of course not. He would be preventing carnage and would rightly be seen as a hero. Same goes for the cliff-pusher in the cartoon, although for the analogy to really be valid we would, once again, have to travel back in time, before 2016 at the least. Because at this stage of the game, Trump’s absence would quickly be filled by one of the numerous Republican knock-offs he has inspired.

@snytiger6 Okay, sounds reasonable, and regarding the drama part can't say I'd disagree on that much. Just saying though, on some sites one could get in trouble for posting such, and I've witnessed that happen before.

@NostraDumbass The problem of "going back in time" to assassinate or hill anyone, is that it won't work. Why? The multiverse. If you went back in time and killed Hitler while he was still a child, and then returned, assuming you were able to return to the universe you started from, you would find nothing had changed. Why? Because your actions would have only started a new universe on a new timeline that is different from the universe you started from.

Thus, the multiverse theory solves the "grandfather paradox".

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