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The more vaccinated countries appear to be doing worse.
Commentary from around the net...
'Thailand, where I live, was the first country outside China to record a COVID case as early as December, 2019. With no vaccine available, the public turned to readily-available recognised medications - such as the the popular anti-malaria prophylactic, chloroquine - to keep the bug at bay.

The results speak for themselves. In the following fourteen months leading up to the roll-out of COVID vaccines in February 2021, the official COVID death toll stood at less than a hundred.

Nineteen months later, with 80 percent of the population having received at least one shot, and in many instances boosters, the number of COVID fatalities has climbed, in relentless successive waves, to over 32,500.

One can't help but wonder how much better or worse the picture might be if the population had stuck to their tried and tested traditional over-the-counter treatments rather than switching to "safe and effective" experimental vaccines - which have turned out to be nothing of the sort.

To their credit, the Thai government was one of the first to set up a compensation scheme for victims of the jabs - the manufacturers, for some inexplicable reason, having been granted global indemnity against damages claims.'

BDair 8 Sep 27

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This is a disappointing post to come across.


There could very well be other factors involved here. Like population density, the degree that people travel and socialize. Covid-19 like the Black Death affected densely populated urban areas more.


Your disinformation has been debunked ad nauseam


Oh bullshit. I spent years in Thailand and they, as many other Asian nations do, wear masks all the fucking time to protect themselves from pollution, and to prevent the spread of disease. I coughed a few times in a doctor’s office waiting room and an nurse brought me a mask. That is the culture. They also routinely vaccinate for things we in the west do not, which may or may not bestow additional protection. They also have a history of dealing with pandemics, which may or may not have conferred some kind of protection or served to better prepare them with the knowledge of how to distance and prevent the spread of covid. I did meet some crazy as fuck westerners there, though. 🥴

The graphical representations of data here are not taking masks in to consideration. The chart for Thailand seems to show exactly what is described in the narrative, there was no significant mortality from Covid before the roll out of the vaccines, when it skyrocketed to over 30K. Not my charts and data, I just report what I find.

@BDair I am not surprised waves struck hard and fast in the west. No one who has spent any decent amount of time living in both the eastern and western hemispheres ought to be, imo. Same for it hitting China hard. I lived there too and then, at least, they did not typically cover their mouths to cough or sneeze and they had smaller personal space and spit all the time. Thais will follow the rules. Told to wear a mask, distance and vaccinate? They will do so. They feel the weight of their collective social responsibility and accept it. Also like the Zika virus, I imagine, the impact will also var simply depending on geographical region and variant, as well as a million other factors. You wre afraid of vaccines and buy into conspiracies. The fact that you buy into this conspiracy means it is likely you buy into others. Not interested. 💁🏼♀️

You are missing the point. It is not about masks. Countries did worse after vaccinating their populations.

Take the time to inform yourself.
Safe and Effective A Second Opinion (2022) Oracle Films News Uncut


I don't care what you personally believe, but I am personally insulted that you think that because this is a site whose members are open-minded about not following the religious status quo, that we'd be gullible for your bullshit. If I was the moderator I'd say go peddle your shark cartilage elsewhere. You know what I'm talking about. You're just practicing your rap anyway, for the conspiracy theory crowd. That's not us.

im with you here here

What about the embalmers that are seeing it take twice as long to embalm heart attack victims because the blood is clotted so heavily??? It literally comes out looking like an earth worm.
I work in medicine and this stuff has never been seen before. Oddly enough, it’s all coming from those that have been vaccinated.

@CourtJester 🤡

Right on


I’m in pediatrics.




Does CNN not cover reality????





You make me giggle.

@TheMiddleWay Doctor Robert Malone is ten times more accomplished than you are others... You're a fucking loser ... You think you're smart because you have a degree yet you don't have the long list of accomplishments that actually saved lives
. You're just a poser with a piece of paper


I was wondering when this one would pop up. 3/2020, lots of people were getting sick, horrible sick, overwhelming hospitals. Reefer trucks in the street for dead bodies. The tried and true methods to stop the spread of a disease were instituted - masks and staying the fuck home and away from crowds. It was world wide.
9 months in and a vaccine comes available and the world goes GREAT back to normal. Of course illness and dead will spike. huge eye roll.


I think you if you correlated how a society is structured in terms of how much do people socialize and how is air circulated in buildings, you would find people who associated a great deal, have a much larger average travel range in a day, and often enter buildings where the air circulation isn't filtered to prevent air born diseases will have higher infection rates and higher death rates.

As an example, in the U.S., where I live, people tend to interact a lot, almost everybody owns a car which increases their daily travel range, and most air circulation systems in offices, malls, supermarkets and other places that get a lot of foot traffic each day, don't have H-VAC systems to reduce air born diseases. The death rate in the U.S. was pretty high, even after vaccinations became available.

As for me myself, I did not get covid until the Omicran variant made the rounds and even then everyone else in our house got it first. Why? Because I am legally blind and hardly ever go anywhere. My sister did point out to me that I got it shortly after taking public transit to go to the medical lab tohave blood taken to check to make sure the leukemia wasn't coming back. So, an almost two hour ride each way on public transit full of other people to arrive at a hospital medical lab, also full of other people, but who were more likely to be sick, and about 5-7 days later I developed symptoms and tested positive for Covid.

Had I not left home, I may have avoided it. After all I didn't get it when other members of the household got sick during the first wave in 2020. The difference? I stayed at home while two of them worked in a grocery store and were exposed to a lot of people.

NPR reports that the CDC says none of that matters any longer. Which is exactly what the Great Barrington Declaration Proposed two years ago.

@BDair We are dealing with new dominant variants and a mostly vaxxed and/or infected society, now. Also, our hospitals are not at risk of being overrun so you or anti-vax Ken being a dumbass won't rob innocent victims of beds and care as it would have for so many months.

@FreethoughtKaty Obviously your moniker is a misnomer as you are not a free thinker. You have swallowed the Vaccine Apologist Dogma hook, line, and sinker. The vaccine never prevented infection or transmission of the virus. People being exposed to the virus and gaining natural immunity is what stops a viral outbreak. Only in a few circumstances in New York and Italy which had very bad treatment protocols were hospitals briefly overrun. For most of the pandemic they were mostly empty.

Hospital ship Comfort departs NYC, having treated fewer than 200 patients

Many field hospitals went largely unused, will be shut down April 2020
NEW YORK — Gleaming new tent hospitals sit empty on two suburban New York college campuses, never having treated a single coronavirus patient. Convention centers that were turned into temporary hospitals in other cities went mostly unused. And a Navy hospital ship that offered help in Manhattan is soon to depart. []


Who the hell is Michael?

The standard for dissemination of information regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines is publication of peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific journals.

He is someone inThailand who described the situation there, and his account seems to be supported by the charts presented by Our World in Data.

@BDair Who the hell is Our World Data?

You can read this peer reviewed paper.


@BDair I see no earthshaking revelation here. Basically the author's conclusion is that we didn't know everything when vaccine administration began, we still don't, and that more study is required. That is par for the course in science.

@BDair A: correlation is not causation, B. People relax their standards for pandemic hygiene as they fele comfortable, and as we saw countless times in the U.S., millions of idiots all cried out at once “Covid is just the flu!” and then freely and carelessly mingled with innocent victims, contributing to each new wave we faced and unfortunately idiots abound, worldwide and…
C. “The outbreaks have highlighted criticisms of the country's vaccine programme for an over-reliance on AstraZeneca shots produced by royal-owned Siam Bioscience, a slow roll-out and a confusing registration system.” Source : []
^ criticism for a slow and sloppy rollout and for using a vaccines that wasn’t as effective as those western nations were mostly using.

@FreethoughKaty Those concepts do not stand up to scrutiny when to compared to the actual facts and data sets from around the planet. Per the point of this thread, The least vaccinated countries have fared better in the number of cases and deaths per capita than the countries where much of the population was double vaxxed and boosted. In the US, states and counties that lifted mask and lock down mandates early on did as good or better than their neighbors that went full Totalitarian.

Vaxxed and unvaxxed.

@BDair You have not shown why we should accept these graphs as representations of the "actual facts."

You are welcome to believe whatever you wish. OWiD is often cited in journal publications, and utilizes data from organizations such as Johns Hopkins. Personally, I have no way to ascertain the accuracy of their data sets, but nor does anyone of any information provided by any of the alphabet agencies.
'Our World in Data is a research project of the Global Change Data Lab and researchers from the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development at the University of Oxford. It focuses on compiling and publishing research on various topics including global poverty, human rights, COVID-19, and the environment.' []

Compare this graph to the vaccination levels above.

BDair Level 8 Sep 28, 2022

Westernized nations don't dare cover Africans covid death success because it would clearly show their own great failure.


Why do you show Germany and South Africa's charts? No charts for Thailand?

The commentary from the person in Thailand was just intended to to be illustrative of the fact that increased vaccination uptake did not result in reduced case and mortality numbers. The charts for Thailand match the anecdotal evidence perfectly.

@BDair Are you one of those guys who took a couple of college classes, failed and is on a life-long crusade to prove you're smarter than all the professors in the U.S. and public health directors, just because you perceive an audience of other grievance-motivated conspiracy theorists doing the same thing? Just admit it...


I've only called the very wealthy and Government bullies. Sometimes joke about some people's weaknesses here. Also joke among my close friends weaknesses anyway, Not the best humor, yet better than being too serious, lighten up in life. I'm no better or worst than the next guy.

When do I ever call anyone dumb, stupid, idiots and so on?. Just point out their opinions and disagreement are weak or lacking and call some situations stupid. Both BDair and I get a floodgates belittling comment because they have a lack evidence and facts to support their side. And a clear sign of unfairness and derespect in a discussion. If I conduct my 48 years of business this way , both sides would loose and clearly I would be out of business.


To any newbies: @BDair is our resident disseminator of antivaxx him no mind!

As always, you are perfectly welcome to provide your data sets that prove anything I have posted is BS. You can disagree with my 'facts', but unless you can post information that refutes the facts and data I have posted, you are just regurgitating your uninformed opinions as always. You should strive to do better.

@TheMiddleWay Insanity is clinging to your Fauci bibles and being so indoctrinated by the Vaccine Apologist Dogma that you can not even consider any information that is not completely in line with the Big Pharma propaganda controlled narrative. The real facts are beginning to come to light and even the mainstream media is beginning to present Narrative 2.0. Stand by for News.


I won't be against or anti anything conserning the lethal 💉 I want people to take the vaccines. When it gets rid of the majority of the obese , the over age elderly and their full lifespan. Plus the lives of the totalterrimism sheep. Depopulation is great for a smart guys like me who want empty housing and spaces to part and help the environment. Government are recommending jabs every 2 months. Take 100 shot and for life for you team. Drive your car alone with the mask on to kill your oxygen by 20% and immune system, Be of service to the depopulation program. Please please.


Nothing wrong in having a little self esteemed and calling your smart in things that one can do well. I'm not so smart about a couple of things. That is where I hire people smarter than me, that make the team smarter. Calling yourself very intelligent or use the word never, is not so smart, for everything is forever changing. Give yourself credit, for things that you are smart about. There is nothing I can do for people who are not smart enough to learn how change to a new way of thinking, when things are not working out. If they believe vaccines save the planet without looking at better alternatives. Imagine vaccines for all the animals and livestock, they are earthling too. I can't afford to an enabler to sheep or have apathy for everyone or deal with great weaknesses within themselves . I have love and compassion for the world, but can't do that. Everyone is going to die, not everyone knows how to live. I rather die than be a slave, as there is more slaves on the earth today than any other time in human history.


My wife and I got all the shots and boosters, including the latest omicron booster, my wife never got the virus, I got it because I drive for Uber and they eliminated the mask mandate. My doctor told me had I not been vaccinated, due to my preexisting conditions aorta aneurism, overweight, etcetera I would at least had to be hospitalized, instead my symptoms were like a mild cold with no fever. None of the people in my family have had any serious symptoms and they were all fully vaxed and boosted, including my 89 year old mom who had defeated cancer twice, not one had to be hospitalized. I'm living proof that the vax worked,

I have never been vaccinated, never wore masks except to shop for groceries, never used hand sanitizers or social distanced. I never had any illness. I am living proof that the evil Covid was never really a threat to me or 99% of the human population.

@BDair to you maybe, you can't use your own experience to make an asinine statement about 99% of the population.

It is not just my experience. Before there were any vaccines available, more than 99% of the population had no adverse reactions to exposure to CV 19. Most people that were 'infected' had mild symptoms and quickly recovered with no medical intervention.

If you were under the age of 70, you were very unlikely to perish from Covid 19, pre vaccination.

@BDair give it up dude, nobody cares about your charts, especially those with no source or questionable sources, and by the way I'm 69, my mom 87, and we're very happy with the vaccines even if you don't want to accept reality. By the way, since you're immune, and want to help people, why not volunteer to take care of patients with COVID-19, since it's not grocery shopping, you can also tend to them not wearing a mask, that would be much more useful than your useless crusade against vaccines in this site.

@BDair You clearly have no idea how anything works. How do you manage to make it through a day without stepping in front of a bus?

Have you read the CDC's new guidance, it doesn't matter if you have been vaxxed or not. Just as Fauci stated a year ago, the vaccinated have just as much virus in their nasal pharynx as the unvaccinated. They can still be infected with and transmit the virus.

@BDair Lol, you try very, very hard not to make a point, or to miss the point of what DOCTOR Fauci says. All I can say to just about everything you say is: So? So what? What TF is your problem?


While the USA is a "vaccine" country, it is arguably unvaccinated due to the lack of people actually receiving the shot. Something like 64% have received both initial shots, but that number was achieved over such a long time, followed by so few people taking up the boosters, that anyone who received the first two shots in early 2021 but did not follow through with boosters is essentially un-vaccinated now.


Read a few studies that found the primary difference in reported covid between Germany and Africa was a combination of the age difference in demographics between the countries and a significant difference /lack of accurate reporting due to insufficiant medical infrastructure in South Africa. []


Yes, if we had only have stuck to that horse wormer as med against Covid. 🙂

Yes, countries that used used Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine either eradicated Covid, or never had any threat from Covid in the first place.

@BDair Omg you're such an idiot... You don't make any sense. Will someone please show this person the door?

@AlbertShepis Is there some point you would like me to clarify for your edification?

@BDair You are not welcome to masturbate your bullshit faux science pseudo intellectual rap on me. WHY IS THIS GUY STILL HERE?

Thank you for following the science and considering points of view you might not have considered previously, Mr. Sheepiss.


Because there is two sides to every story. Besides most of the world is not fully vaccinated, they missed the train to 90% for it to work bs. Give a little respect.

Doctor Gupta apologized to Joe Rogan over the ivermectin bullshit... You're so fucking ignorant


You write about Thailand and provide charts on Germany and South Africa, IOW, a lot of claims with absolutely nothing to back it up. Where's the studies that demonstrate your comment have validity as the charts you provided don't do that.

The graphs are from Our World in Data.
The account from Thailand is from a comments section,
and it perfectly describes what the data shows from many nations.
The typical scenario is they are mostly unaffected by Covid, then they vaccinate the population and
Covid cases and Deaths skyrocket. The charts from Thailand align with his comments.

@BDair I couldn't care less where the graphs are from, they are not proving your point.

Due to the varying protocols and challenges in the attribution of cause of death, the number of confirmed deaths might not accurately represent the true number of deaths caused by COVID-19."

It's right there on the graph. They are admitting that the numbers are probably not accurate and yet you use them to make your argument. Do you realize that the disclaimer that I've quoted makes the charts moot as they admit they data cannot be counted on?

You can apply to the same disclaimer to the CDC's data on Covid caused morbidity. There is no unimpeachable data available for any aspect of the Plandemic.

@BDair Then maybe you shouldn't be makes absolute statements about the data.


I’m glad I decided never to take it…….but I’ll still mask up when on the subways or in crowded public places.

Good for you, it take guts to stand up to the greatest bigotry of ever seen in my lifetime. Now they are slowly loosing their immune system , brains and backbones.

@Castlepaloma There is absolutely nothing that backs up your claims. Prove me wrong.


When someone tells me. There is absolutely nothing that backs up your clàim. And Prove me wrong. That already is 100% stubborn to really listen or to change.
Like the joke how many psychiatrist does it take to change a light bulb. Answer. None... the light bulb has to, want to be changed.

That describing a whole country that is most extremely complicated. America great empire is in rapidly declining for the pass 40 years in employment, energy, industry, poverty, lack of freedom and life expectancy and dropped by 2 years and so on and on. Even Africa continent has countries in that time period, have life expectancy increasingly by 20 to 40%. Many of these countris are doubing Americas economy growth. Conparing Per capita Africa takes 1/7 of the vaccines than America and Europe as they have 15 times the covid deaths. Africa is intelligent enough from experience that Aids and malaria vaccines went far worse for deaths like covid vaccines.. I could go deeply into all the 1000s of medical doctors and sciencist who want to sue their governments. Why bother, when a light bulb, doesn't want to change or listen.

The bribery sytem works wonders for mass distractions and mass hypocrisy and mass hysteria.

@Castlepaloma All that to avoid saying that you have nothing to back up your claims.



Most financial experts will say the US dollar is is going into a collapse

American leaders don't tell us American is going into a depression although Putin puts it clear.

@Castlepaloma How does talking about inflation demonstrate that because of the COVID vaccine people are "slowly loosing their immune system , brains and backbones"? How does talking about inflation demonstrate bigotry? It doesn't. Like I said in my first response you have nothing to back up your comment.


Not ever experienced the lack of back bone and brains to stand up to the greatest two scammers in modern human history. That being the centro banks and Government, Inflation due printed money of 350 billion every month to float the economy to avoid a total collapse, is it's the only reason for survival. The greatest bigotry I've ever experienced in this lifetime. Being unvaxxed cost banned and blocked for every job, social gathering, excerize, food stores, basically every mean to survive, except I live off grid in a black free trade market. The east is not accepting the petro dollars or US fiat currency very rarely now and trading among themselves. Each booster shot mean people loose they immune system even more. It why hospitals have gone total overwhelming and cannot serve far worst health conditions like heart disease and cancer skyrocketing increases also.

@Castlepaloma Word salads are not evidence of anything. The only relevant thing in that crap is "Each booster shot mean people loose they immune system even more." and you don't demonstrate that at all. Inflation is irrelevant to the subject and nothing you said demonstrates anything differently. Whether or not "the east" is accepting "petro dollars" or "US fiat currency" has nothing to do with the vaccine. Finally, you're wrong about why hospitals are overwhelmed, they are overrun because to many people take ignorant advice like not being vaccinated with what has been demonstrated to keep all but the exceptions out of hospitals when they catch it.

You won't listen what Putin says about the westized countries collapse because US hates Russia for a 100 years now. So Russia must protect themselves and going a better direction. You won't accept 5000 doctors and sciencist are sueing the Governments and media for covid information lies. Like Biden claiming vaccines are 100% safe and he said you won't caught the covid. Same with some of the news networks. Many have changed their tune.

What financial institutions claims the US is in good shape and give proof, love to hear it. Where can you demonstrate vaccines work. When CDC says people who had the covid, have 9 times better chance of not catching the covid the second time vs the vaccines US half of their population has covid and most of them are fully vaccinated Take your time, as much time in the world. To show me how vaccines work. Then tell me with accurately and actually how that is done? Since the CDC can't release that information for another 75 years. This should be good.


You won't listen what Putin says about the westized countries collapse because US hates Russia for a 100 years now.

No, I won't. It has nothing to do with the efficacy of the vaccine and you haven't demonstrated a connection. I have no problem with 5000 doctors suing governments. Given the actual amount of doctors on the planet 5000 is insignificant and demonstrates nothing about the efficacy of the vaccine.

When I make claims about the economy of the US, I will provide evidence to back it up. You asking for it for no apparent reason seems silly and nothing regarding anything I have to do.

Biden is a politician and not a doctor and neither am I so asking either of us for info on the vaccine seems, again, silly. The overwhelming majority of DOCTORS said that the vaccine's purpose was to lessen the chance of getting it and to mitigate as much as possible the symptoms so that people don't have to be hospitalized. It has achieved that purpose.


Always the connection, is follow the money. US empire is collapsing now and it first started with weapons of mass distraction by stealing the Gold from the gold standard in centro Banksing under Nixon. Then 9/11, the stock exchange crash, the bail out and more recently the covid cult. KFJ warned us all about this in his speech of secret societies.

@Castlepaloma Always the connection is stay on subject. You've gone from vaccine efficacy to conspiracy theories about global economies. If there's a connection you haven't made it.


America is a corporation under US Corp and it's not of a Country. A president is not of a country, it a leader of a corporation. Ever since Abraham Lincon assassination like a secret attack often for political reasons is a plot to assassinate the governor. The US Corp must have a major war every year to keep their policy and control and power over their empire. Eveyone knows for centuries that it's alway the wealthy class against the lower class . Generally the collective consciousness of the people change things to positive ways throughout human history. After each abuse has been done by the wealthy then the Government rarely changes to positive strategies. For almost everything they touch they destroy Everyone conspires especially the wealthy and the covid is a weapon of mass distractions started by Fauci in a lab in China. The war has moved from overseas back to the US own homeland changing strategy of war. Much of this pattern is from the second world War, where they used vaccines and fake medical procedures as weapons to weaken the people for power and control. The same has been done in Africa with different vaccines and now they are doing the same with covid worldwide as a strategy for world order. America is a corporation under US Corp and it's not of a Country. A president is not of a country, it is of a corporation. Ever since Abraham Lincon assassination like a secret attack often for political reasons a plot to assassinate the governor. The US Corp must have a major war every year to keep is policy and control and power over their empire. The collective consciousness of Americans people don't want war over sea wars. For the firey drangon cannot defeat the snake in the grass( Chinese saying) China has not had a major war since 1979 , that is why they are the next super power. Finally this has been the greatest abuse since the second world War as this third world war will fail again which will take us back to happier days. The wars start in the west and will finish in the east. The reason I know much of this stuff and patterns of war is I built museums displays of encient civilizations and American history throughout North America.

@Castlepaloma Another off topic word salad.


There is a reason for everything and all this is well connected and written on the wall. It's politics and religion which is word salad and totalterrimism.

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