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I am positive there's women or a woman somewhere that I'd get a long with great ,and I look forward to meeting them.

A woman who is open minded ,fun ,actually cares about everyone's well being and hates the people who are fucking with everyone as much as I hate them...

Who wants everyone to be free to live life how they want as long as it's not infringing on others freedom.

Who can actually see Jeffery Epstein and Bill Gates are a serious problem..

Who is awake to the bullshit.. realizes that politics is the WWf ,that both sides get paid by the same corporate entities..

That big pharma is not to be trusted...

laidback1 6 Sep 30

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Rotsa ruck, and they say my attitude is too negative to attract any good women, lol..... I absolutely promise you it will never happen for you until you get the needed professional help...


Yeah, both sides are just alike. Right. And Fox news is informative.


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