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I posted a singles ad meme yesterday mocking MTG's pending divorce.
A couple of our esteemed members have expressed interest, which gave me an idea.

So, without further ado, which Q queen really loads your AR-15 so to speak?

Which Q crazy trips your trigger?

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OldMetalHead 9 Sep 30

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Is stacey abrams more attractive???


I’d hit it


Not even with a 10 foot pole. Er, make that 20 foot. After 10 seconds, what's to talk about that's interesting and both are bat shit crazy anyway.


Sorry, I don't date or screw crazy or totally stupid trash, at least not if I know that about them going into it.... I try to go for women with brains bigger than their boobs, as well... tho I do confess I have always favored curvy women...


I'd give Sarah Palin a facial.


You're on report for sexual objective vacation of a republican.

And speaking of dogberryism shouldn't a threesome be an option for the half dozen out of the closet republicans here?

Asking for a friend.

@OldMetalHead still learnin' huh.

Wait, I want change my vote if I can have both.
And, what is Dogberryism?


Lookin’ for a little piece of Ginny Thomas. Where’s the justice?

@OldMetalHead Yup, has that Church Lady stick up her ass look...

@TomMcGiverin Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go round.

@NostraDumbass She definitely has that. Clarence must agree with Sir-Mix-A-Lot on that subject.


I do not know much about either, but the brunette has a nice body.
From what I've seen of her workout routines, MTG could wipe the floor with anyone on this site.

BDair Level 8 Sep 30, 2022

All body, no brains or mind....

They both have an R after their name, so they must not have any redeeming qualities.

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