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I knew it would come to this by 2024 election time. Trump is a grifter and a conman.

DenoPenno 9 Oct 6

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Tell me why this shit show of a country, and species, doesn't deserve Trump?

None of us deserve Trump. Not even Trajan. 🙂


Hopefully we will remove a bunch of Democraps from office in the midterms and things will get better. Hell Trump was far better than that senile crook we have in the White House right now!

No, Trump was the senile crook in the White House. He also cannot be a winner if he whines that something was stolen from him.


Congress can't stop him (far as I know). This is DOJ's job.

I think the DOJ is working towards that end right now. It's a matter of timing and Care2 with calls to Congress may be a part of that timing. Meanwhile, Trump just keeps falling into more stuff bigtime.

@DenoPenno DOJ has to finish this Special Master bullshit. Hopefully SCOTUS will put an end to it this week.


Great sputtering sphincters, Batman! It's the Great Orange Anus, about to sputter a bunch of bull out his bunghole!

Save the children....RUNNNNNNN

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