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The family on Netflix. I am watching this limited series. It's about a group now called The Family which has been operating in relative secret for about 60 years that is trying to get the world to be ruled by Christians. It's scary. I recommend watching. They are the group that runs The National Prayer Breakfast. Has anyone else seen it?

Stephanie99 8 Oct 10

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I watched it a while back. It's kind of terrifying


I've heard about it but I haven't watched it. Thanks for the heads up.


I haven't seen it, but I have been reading reports about this group for years. Of course, the corporate media seldom, if ever, covers it, because they don't want to make waves against such a powerful group. The Repubs embrace them and the Dems fear them, so the media pretty much leaves them alone.

Isn't Ralph Reed a member? CNN loves trotting him out every now and then.


I haven't seen it but I hope it is useful and exposing their hypocrisy and evilness.


Watching would just make me sadder. I am entirely aware of the Christian Nationalists, Christian in name only, since few of them follow his teachings. What I want is a book or a show with a realistic response to how to stop them from taking over the country with the help of their Trumplican lackeys.


I have not seen it, but am aware of The Family and their nefarious deeds. I think my son saw it and told me about it.

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