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What is it with the USA that is driving Republicans towards ideological extremism?

anglophone 8 Oct 30

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An often overlooked factor that I'm noticing more and more across all demographics, disturbingly, is sex. Men are jumping into the red pill factions for what they believe is a preferred formula for women that makes it easier to reduce competition to pair. It's at a point where it's virtually obsessive from my observation. My generation is getting older and this is becoming a FOMO factor for them. Even marginalized groups that are delusional about conservatism (in an absolute technical way) are aligning themselves with ideologies that selfishly and disturbingly revolve around sex, orientation, and birthing lineage. Just my view moving among ground zeros.


Religion & Fox


Assholes. Thank you for your substantial contribution!


A combination of internal psychopaths (Hair Furor and his stooges) and, in my opinion, foreign psych ops. These two forces figured out that they can manipulate a sizable number of Americans into mass insanity for their benefit, and have done a despicably good job of it. Now the adults of the nation have to figure out if there is a way out of the mess.


Reality TV viewers.


game show frustration.


Putin, via Koch, Murdoch, Trump and Leo (Federalist Society).


Greed for power and control for which they believe will bring them wealth.

Betty Level 8 Oct 30, 2022

In you uninformed opinion.

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