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Hear no evil, see no evil, speak not against evil. But definitely joke about it, lie about it, deny it, or praise it.

Flyingsaucesir 8 Nov 4

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I've been calling for another GOP softball game so maybe I shouldn't get so offended that they are making jokes?

That is not the way to go. 🀚


The lies about it also involve not believing the attacker and changing and altering what the attacker said. Trump and Musk want us to believe that a hammer was used to try and break out of the residence. In most houses I have seen all you have to do to get outside is to unlock the door.

Yeah the guy confessed, so Done Cheato's words are just the ravings of an idiot.

He wasn't even American so Dems should stay with that.

@rainmanjr His nationality is irrelevant. His action were fueled by white Christian nationalist Q falsehoods, 100% made in America.

@Flyingsaucesir Yes and that's what Dems should be focusing on. Not the lack of sympathy for a guy Cons consider to be literally evil. Since I have the very same lack of sympathy for Scalise (foul balls are sad things) I can't condemn them for it. Dems lose support partly because they get all preachy about their own hypocrisies. People notice and that might be why polls show we are gong to lose Congress against god.

@rainmanjr Republicans have a lot more internal discipline. They are more likely to follow the Party line. Dems are more independent-minded, and more diverse. There is that preachy element; we'll probably never get rid of it. Better to focus on the structural factors that allow extremists to rise: 1. Gerrymandering; 2. Electoral College; 3 two senators per state, no matter population size; 4. Supreme Court packed with right-wing ideologues.

@Flyingsaucesir Yeah. That's worked well for us so far. Eh? Thanks for the education, dude, but I'm not biting. Dems keep telling me I'm wrong just after they say "We'll get 'em next time."

@rainmanjr Hey, the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.

@Flyingsaucesir It will bend faster if we abolish the Electoral College, the Senate, and gerrymandering. All ways to enable minority rule.

@alliwant That wish list isn’t coming true.

@rainmanjr ...yet.

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