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This is rhetorical, of course, but what the hell is the matter with the "black" voters in Georgia. Again they reject an intelligent, liberal and competent woman like Stacey Abrams but can't decide between a brain-dead "running back" and an educated theologian. I would have bet on the bible-beater over a "denizen of downs", especially in the "Bible Belt" . I guess the women didn't vote. Lets hope that, in the runoff, they tell their husbands to stay at home and watch the game!

fishline79 7 Nov 13

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Why do non-whites continue their allegiance to a European religion (that was used to justify their enslavement)???

I have been saying that for forty years or more! It must have been out of fear. Of course, the Bible says a lot about fear. Christians don't "love" "God", they "fear" "God". The same is true about the "Native Americans" I live 20 miles from the Carlisle Indian school. They were forced to cut their hair, wear the white man's clothes, renounce their religion and "love" Jesus.


There is job opportunity with the Q-Party and blacks are just as hungry for jobs as whites. Almost half of the female population are Party Of Deathers. It's the religion they like.


One possibility is that the GOP has eliminated as many black voters as possible. Abrams is not so popular with the white voters there.

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