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Remember all those African nations praising China and condemning imperialism?
I think they are now realising that China is the biggest imperialist of all. China "generously" gives loans with no World bank or IMF oversight. This leads to quite a lot of "loan diversion" to put it mildly. Inevitably, after 20 years, the loan becomes repayable, and when it cannot be repaid the innocent-seeming colatteral is seized.
Uganda is the latest nation to discover this. They have fallen into the Chinese "debt trap" and now have lost their only international airport.

Petter 9 Nov 23

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Xi: "That's what you get for loving me/That's what you get for loving me/Everything you had is gone/as you can see/That's what you get for loving me."




Sounds like a BS story to me, and even if it were true, it is nothing compared to coups, droning, bombing, stealing natural resources, using depleted uranium (which you may as well say never goes away) and white phosphorous, then leaves the country devasted, impoverished, and dysfunctional. Who would do such a thing? Yours truly, the good old US of A!

I can assure you this is NOT a BS story. I have watched it take place first hand. I am from Africa


Yeah, why can't China build things like Libya and Iraq? Let other nations "host" their nukes? Sanction them like civilized imperialists?

puff Level 8 Nov 23, 2022

Western propaganda for the most part, only the west is supposed to exploit the third world! []


China is a deviously sly imperialist, whilst clamouring against imperialism by the west.
America, too, is falling into a Chinese trap. Imagine if Foxconn suddenly stopped making iphones for Apple.
Apple shares would tumble, leading to a turbulent stock market and probable recession, especially if other outsourcing corporations were also blocked.
And all because corporations seek to maximise profit by exporting jobs and technology.
America, BEWARE!!

America is its own worst enemy, China? Laughable.

You are correct, sir.

Fearmongering about China and Russia has been meat and potatoes fed to America since 1945, and it shows.

@Druvius I am NOT American. I am from Africa. East Africa to be precise. I have watched this happening to my own country. You have been warned. Remember, it is no good closing the stable door AFTER the horse has bolted.

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