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Let's put FrayedBear's vicious, deliberate lies about Ukraine forever. The facts are:

  1. Ukraine has never voluntarily been a part of Russia. Czarist troops marched into Ukraine in 1783 and annexed Ukraine.

  2. Russian policy in Ukraine in 1832 and 193 resulted in the deliberate starvation of over 4 million Ukrainians.

  3. Ukraine, in its entire history, has never threatened or attacked Russia.

  4. Russia signerd a treaty honoring the existence of the independent country of Ukraine after the breakup of the USSR.

  5. In 1914, Russia violated that agreement by attacking Ukraine, and annexing parts of it.

  6. Without provocation, Russia started the current war with Ukraine and is continuing it.

7.Having failed in conquering Ukraine immediately, Russia is now turning its campaign into a deliberate war crime. It is pulling its troops back to prevent further losses, and is now trying to destroy the ability of Ukrainians to live by disabling power, heat, and water supplies. This is a war crime.

  1. Ukraine''s bid to join NATO was simply a justified attempt to find protection from Russian aggression, not a provocation in any sense..

These are all proven facts, unlike FranyedBear's absurd assertions.

wordywalt 9 Nov 29

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If he can’t have it, he’s going to try to burn it to the ground. The west needs to help more.


Some blocks are to save myself the aggravation...they're one of them.

I am content to simply ignore the mental defectives that infest this site.


Who gives a shit about him. He’s one of the biggest assholes on this site.


I blocked Frayed Bear my first few months on this site. And then I decided for New Years I'd unblock everyone.... Yeah that lasted about 10 days, maybe. Now when I block I never, ever unblock. I am cheerfully without his putrid presence and happier for it. Frayed Bear is a very unhappy little man, don't know why and don't care. He has too much baggage to unpack and I don't have time nor empathy to deal with it. Life is just too damn short...

My blocks are always permanent, it's that whole INFJ personality type door slam thing. Saves my sanity.


Points 4 & 5, broken agreements had precedent, which makes point 6 a croc of shit ie of course there was provocation. #8 NATO will not accept applications from countries in a civil war, where the state targets it's own populace if they happen to have Russian heritage who did not agree with an undemocratic change of government through a coup organised with foreign interference. That warmonger loser John McCain even went there to stir up shit in person. At least Hunter earnt a good honest wage for once (cough cough).
Do tell us a story about Libya. And Guam, perhaps include Hawaii and Haiti. Perhaps Laos.
PS A pity that all nuclear military powers don't fuck off back behind their borders.

puff Level 7 Nov 29, 2022

Your comments are both totally false and absurd.

@wordywalt Your own words PS spelled "signed"
"Russia signerd a treaty honoring the existence of the independent country of Ukraine after the breakup of the USSR."
The key word in this sentence is "independent". Joining a military alliance is not being independent. Treaty broken. Remember, Ukraine has been armed massively by NATO aligned countries since 2014. They used it on their own populace.
Is any of what I have just said false and/ or absurd? If so, feel free to counter.


Frayed Bear lives in a nursing home, has for years.
No doubt the TV's are all tuned to Faux.



Obviously all true. Arguing with him is pointless. I think he has issues with Americans and will use any excuse to lash out.


I have no time for FrayedBear.


Ukraine has had a tough time. Stalin starved 10 million of them before WW ll As a result of that a lot of the Ukrainians collaborated with the Germans. If the Germans had not mistreated them they would have likely had a great ally. Stalin killed thousands more of them in retaliation for collaborating. Yes I agree with everything you say above. Perhaps we should allow Ukraine to become a member of NATO and help them. Fear of the Russian aggression is what drove all the former Warsaw pact countries to join NATO. Bill Clinton a democrat encouraged them to give up their nukes and assured them we would protect them. I bet they wish they had kept those nukes.

What I don't get is they are not part of the EU yet, so surely that should come first before NATO. Ukraine had a coup which by definition is undemocratic and why the EU won't accept them. So really wtf is NATO doing jumping the gun? EU membership should come before NATO membership for European countries. But Ukraine is not eligible, unable to meet the "Copenhagen criteria"

"The EU asks, first of all, that the requesting country complies with the membership criteria which were defined at the European Council in Copenhagen in 1993 and are known as the «Copenhagen criteria». They basically consist of guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities through stable institutions;"

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