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Commentary from Jeff Childers - 'Coffee & Covid' on an WSJ op-ed.
'The Journal ran an optimistic op-ed yesterday headlined, “Hardly Anyone Is Buying Biden’s Bivalent Boosters.” Gosh! Check out this sub-headline: “The administration has oversold vaccines for two years, and Covid is less lethal now anyway.”


The Journal’s op-ed — penned by its editorial board, not a guest contributor — pointed out the uncomfortable fact that “many Americans who rolled up their sleeves for the original two-doses and even third ones were led to believe the vaccines would prevent them from getting sick.” But, as the Journal noted, “Many nevertheless fell ill.”

No refunds.

The editors even called out HHS for a recent World Cup ad pushing people to take the booster — so they wouldn’t “miss the game.” But the Journal noted that some people are “knocked out for days with flulike symptoms” after getting the jabs anyway.

First, the op-ed itself is great news; it’s significant that a major corporate media outlet is explicitly panning the jabs. The Journal’s article all but mocked the government’s efficacy claims. At another point, it even questioned the basic logic — using Fauci’s own words:

“The real danger is in the people who have not been vaccinated,” Dr. Fauci said at a Nov. 22 press briefing. “If we’re going to see a problem this winter, it’s going to be among those people.”
If that’s true, who needs another booster?
But the article made another great point that I haven’t seen in corporate media before. It acknowledged that most people who took the jabs were never worried about dying from the virus in the first place. They took the jabs to be “part of the solution” and to avoid transmitting the disease to others, like grandma. But since the jabs don’t prevent transmission, the their MAIN REASON for jabbing has been deleted.

It went further. The article even reported that CDC data showed boosted Americans were testing positive at HIGHER rates than folks who only got two doses. But, the Journal reported, “These data were recently removed from the website when case data were added for the bivalent booster.”

Scrubbed, in other words.
The editors stopped short of explicitly accusing the CDC of manipulating data to try to make the new booster look good, but the implication was clear: boosters might be harmful.

The op-ed ended with this totally rational advice:

The best way to protect yourself from getting sick with Covid or any other respiratory illness is by getting enough sleep, nutrition and exercise.
The embargo is over. It won’t happen immediately. Media can’t just turn on a dime. They have to swing around to it, otherwise they’d be exposed as government stool pigeons, which of course is exactly what they have been.'

BDair 8 Dec 5

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There's no jab to protect against stupidity, unfortunately. Anyone who thought that the vaccines would provide immunity or preclude transmission simply wasn't paying attention and no credible authority claimed otherwise. Putting on a seatbelt doesn't prevent you from having an accident but it will probably help enormously if you do.

Joe didn't get your memo.

If a 'vaccine' does not prevent infection or transmission, what is it 95% effective at doing?

@BDair Firstly, I don't take my medical advice from US politicians, or I may have already killed myself by drinking bleach. Secondly, here's a graph from the UK illustrating vaccine effectiveness which even shows the 95% confidence band, just for you. But never forget that a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer.


Is your car fully upgraded? drift hunters


I am 60. I have diabetes, COPD and hypertension. I AM afraid of dying and I work with children. So, I have had all together 5 covid vaccines. I also continue to wear a mask and avoid crowds. I have not tested positive for covid once and niether has my 72 year old husband. My brother, who was scheduled to have his bivalent shot last week had to cancel because he got covid for the third time. He believes he would have gotten much sicker if he had not had the three previous vaccines and he notes that his wife who DID get the bivalent did not get it again. I believe that the vaccines have preserved my life while everyone I work with, colleagues and students, have had covid at least once if not multiple times.

I am 60 as well. I have not had any jabs, and I have not had any illness.

@BDair either you are around no one, your people are all vaxed, or you have natural immunity

I am constantly around many people, many unvaccinated.
I use public bathrooms and showers daily.
I don't wear a mask, isolate myself, or sanitize anything.
I eat healthy and I have a robust innate immunity.
The 'vaccines' do not prevent infection or transmission.
They never have.

@BDair That's right: the vaccines don't prevent infection or transmission. They DO prevent serious illness and death.

@Flyingsaucesir There is no data proving they prevent serious illness and death. That was not an end point of their trials. The jabs are causing more injury than they are preventing.

@BDair 😂😂😂 No. 😐

@Flyingsaucesir Excess deaths continue

@BDair The standard for dissemination of information regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines is publication of peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific journals. Your video does not meet that standard.

@Flyingsaucesir none of the pronouncements disseminated by the CDC, FDA, NIH, or WHO are peer reviewed.

@Flyingsaucesir This is a peer reviewed publication.
Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination


I just scheduled to get my bivalent booster shot today for Saturday. I'll let you know how I fell after getting it this weekend 😉

Update- just got my booster on Saturday so far so good😉


Over 200 million Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccines have worked so well at protecting people that they're already getting complacent.

I have missed out on all of the fun.

@BDair Newsflash: an emotionally-charged political meme is not science.

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