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I took my Range Rover to a specialist mechanic 2.5 hrs drive from my home in order to get some special repairs done that could not be done locally due to a lack of specialized equipment. While we were waiting for the repairs to be done, which wound up taking all day, we decided to go into town for some shopping and lunch, so we called a taxi.
The cab driver was a Muslim immigrant from Somalia and he immediately launched into an uninvited discussion about Christianity, Islam, Atheists and eternal damnation and punishment from his Deity. I tried to ignore him on the 20 minute ride into the downtown core but he only became more vehement in his discourse, constantly turning around to look me in the eyes to drive home his points. Hitler being consumed by fire, only to be reanimated with fresh skin to better feel the pain of the flames by this guy's Just God. Allah impregnating Mary at the early age of 12 but only allowing the gestation to last one night with Jesus being born the following morning so as to spare the virgin mother, etc. etc. We finally got out of the taxi a few blocks from our destination after two near misses with other vehicles and getting turned around in circles because of his being lost in his fanaticism.
Yes - Please Go Fuck Yourself and Your Crazy God With You.

SnowyOwl 8 Dec 10

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If you had bought a Toyota Land Cruiser, you'd have never had to drive into town in the first place. Unlike Range Rovers, they never break down.

All mechanical devices break down, no exceptions. My problem is not with the reliability of the Range Rover but with the lack of specialized mechanics in my immediate area with the correct tools to diagnose and repair some specialized problems. My local mechanic uses Snap On diagnostic readers and they are fine for the most part but do not allow for some of the requirements for a Range Rover, particularly the calibration of the air suspension system in this case. I've never owned a Toyota vehicle but I hear that they tend to be quite reliable if properly maintained.

Land Rovers were robust and easily fixable, until they became German owned status symbols.

@Petter In North America they've always been dogs. Can't get parts.


It's been a long time since I've ridden in a cab, but I take Ubers occasionally. This is mostly due to convenience and cost, but being able to rate the drivers is certainly an advantage too. Uber drivers with a low score aren't given good opportunities for rides. You would think that taxi companies would up their game, but I think they were just dominant for too long.

At the moment it seems to be very difficult to find anyone to work and be punctual and competent, we would like to hire and train someone to assist us with our Ebike business but no luck at any price. I've always paid my employees over the market rate in my previous companies but even that doesn't seem to count for much lately.


Sounds like someone needs to learn to keep their religion to themselves. I would have reported him to whatever authority there is, and I'm sure there is one in Ontario, that issues his cabbie license, and have them lean on him. I believe that they can yank his hack license if he is abusive to customers. Congrats to him, NOT, for living up to every stereotype that white people have of immigrant Muslim cabbies.

I only point out that he was from Somalia because he kept bringing it up in his dialogue/sermon. I'm a 9th generation Canadian and so my roots are in this country but it doesn't matter where you were born, if you are Canadian then that should be the end of it. I think having a cultural heritage is great and I love exploring different cultures but I don't go whipping out my British roots and waving them around in other people's faces, possibly because I don't think of myself as British after 270 years of Canadian ancestry. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

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