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According to the Christian Worldview, if you spend your life being kind and helping others, doing good work, and being a productive member of society, even if you feel like you have a good relationship with "God," sorry no heaven for you! You don't get in without a personal relationship with Jesus. Never mind that Holy Trinity, three gods in one stuff, God the Father will NOT have ANY relationship with you if you don't go through his son. It's like God is a celebrity and in order to deal with him you have to first deal with his manager, who happens to be Jesus. No Jesus, no heaven. So screw you and all your goodness!

Wakenbaker 5 Dec 13

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That is one view and it puts Jesus first. There are Evangelical churches that do not believe in a trinity at all and they are called "oneness" as far as god is concerned. I don't think that means Jesus only, but I see churches springing up now called "Inhim." They are all about Jesus. Then we have branches of religion that believe "once saved always saved." I guess that applies to me. 🙂 BTW, since leaving religion I have not been concerned with how good I can be but I try to be fair. Also, being a productive member of society does not interest me at all.


Control through fear is a time honored tradition in the religious world. It is amazing to me, that as we are in the twenty-first century this tactic still works most of the time.

Betty Level 8 Dec 13, 2022

How to Holy Ghost a Christian!

who you gonna call?

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