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Equality is downsizing religions, as parents refuse to downsize their love for an LGBTQ+ or female child.

Premise ---
Parents want to love their LGBTQ+ kids without prejudice or negative discrimination.

I see Christianity and all religiosity shrinking. Churches closing, etc, while new Temples and Mosques of the wisdom seeking genre, --- as opposed to God seeker, --- are popping up to replace the God seeker religions.

This intelligent trend is to put humans and universality and inclusion over the Gods we have created, --- is nice to see as it returns us to a modernized version of the ancient and better days.

Demographics and stats are clear that the God religions of today will either have to adapt to a more secular view, --- and especially stop preaching --- that a parent has to downsize their love for a LGBTQ+ child.

Gnostic Christianity and Laïcité are the future, as we already disavow such vile evil.

We curse words like --- and the men are a degree above them [women] and he will rule over you [women], etc.


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the link hasn't worked for me yet.

some judaism has.been ahead in at least trying to come up with a secular variant. (secular humanistic judaism). it hasn't really appealed to me though. i also think unitarian churches are within this trend.

one economics comment: various church entities tend to be large owners of real estate and it will be interesting to see what happens with those buildings and with the land

kmaz Level 7 Dec 18, 2022

It could be said that the nostic tendency for isolation became an individual trait in people we call a Sage. Sages, like Alan Watts, exhibit that tendency a lot. I'm all for encouraging all knowledge but would rather it be removed from Xtian reference. Sort of like Jefferson's Bible did for the words of Jesus. Wisdom is timeless.


Parents will love their children regardless of who and what they are. This must be hard for Christian Nationalists. One problem I have is in seeing where a god did anything.


I agree that we are seeing a good trend. I just wish it would go a little faster.

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