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Today's headline in the Daily Mail UK 12/30/22

"Steven Tyler is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in the 1970s: 'Victim' files lawsuit claiming she is the 'teen bride' in Aerosmith singer's memoir after he convinced her mom to grant him guardianship"

So her parents grant guardianship of their 16 year old daughter to Tyler when he was 25, so she could travel with him and the band. Fast forward to late 2022, California opens window of a law, short term, to allow past victims of sexual assault/abuse to seek financial settlement decades later. There's great evidence to prove something happened between Tyler and the young at the time woman in question.

What do you think of the merits of this case? Was she really a victim? Or is she seeing a way to get rich playing a victim? How culpable are her parents for consenting to such an arrangement?

Here's some Google information on the legal age of consent for marriage.

"23 states have a minimum age of 16. 10 states have a minimum age of 17. 8 states have no official minimum age, but still require either parental consent, court approval or both: California, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Washington and Wyoming."

Mickey 5 Dec 30

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Damn, heard about that a while ago. It still has the ew factor. 🤢

Emme Level 7 Jan 22, 2023

The parents are as much to blame as Tyler.


If she was smart and not being a gold digger (as he will probably settle out of court just to get it to go away), she could write her own memoir about life as a groupie turned lover to a big 70/80s rock star. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if she had affairs with other rock stars after she broke up with Tyler. Lots of songs were written about girls that left one rock star for another band member. I think the song Layla has that history and if I recall right, the single Girl Can't Help It by Journey had some roots in a girl who two band members wanted. Lots of that in that industry.


Similar parental agreements were made with Jerry Seinfeld & Ted Nugent & Michael Jackson. Most Groupies were not adult clear thinking women. Debauchery, drugs, hormones, men in positions of power, must not unwatched go. So who watches the irresponsible parents if not family, government, neighbors?


reminds me of Elvis and his young not-wife....she was 16, too.

Many of the late 50's/early 60's songs were about underage girls. I again have to wonder if a lot of the FR's anger comes from their own child abuse? It would explain a lot. Anyone who would so conscript a child would easily abuse the offspring. Applying today's standards on them, however, would be like applying our children's work laws on the heirs of Industrialization in a law suit. I actually see kids at work now. Not uncommon in mom and pop shops of touristy areas but I digress.

Does anybody remember that 70s Bobby Goldsboro song, Summer The First Time? I t was about an underage boy and an older woman. He probably wrote that from his own experience. You never hear that one on the oldies station these days, at least I haven't yet.

@Mickey TBF, you never hear anything by Bobby and that's sad.


She’s a victim whichever way you look at it…whether victimised by Tyler, or her parents, or both. 16-year old girls should not be treated as chattels to be bartered by parents, and 25 -year old Tyler should have had more integrity and not have exploited the starstruck fan/rock star situation he found himself in.

So if you were a lawyer and arguing in her defense, you'd claim that even though he followed the legal process for consent and she willingly went on tour with him for three years, he's still lawfully in the wrong? And remember were not talking morally, especially as those terms apply now, were talking legally and at the time these events happened.

@Mickey I’m talking morally not legally…I thought that was quite clear. I never mentioned legal status at any time.

Legally I think she’s probably on a hiding to nothing….

@Marionville Not a good bet for a 25 y.o. Rock star to have integrity. I understand he's a Con so, probably, religious.

@rainmanjr No…I agree…but let’s not tar all rock stars with his lack of integrity….many others were put in the same position of having groupies & underage girls throwing themselves at them…but didn’t exploit their position. It speaks to Tyler’s lack of scruples and integrity more than anything else here in my opinion. As for her parents…I can’t find the words for them without being very uncivil!


What a load of Crap

Can you explain your thoughts further?

@Mickey i think your explanation Nailed it!

I totally agree, crap. Different time and anyway, too much time has passed. At school I received corporal punishment which by today's standards would be a crime. my parents gave permission for that too.
Release Epstein's little black book from pedo island if you want to punish real arseholes.


It all comes down to what state was involved, and parental consent. While this indicates that Tyler is a scumbag, I don't think he's legally culpable.

I tend to agree. I think California is the state involved as it's that states law being used to grant this lawsuit.

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