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I'm so old that saying the word fuck was a very brave thing in my youth.I was told it meant to have intercourse or to screw. In college I occasionally said it to impress my friends with my worldliness.As I matured I decided I really liked having intercourse and it was a personal lovely thing and I did not wish to use it as a curse word.

Now I find many people just a few years younger than me and almost everyone a lot younger than me use the word frequently. Some use it in almost every sentence.

I have guessed it no longer really means intercourse to most people. Yes I take most things literally.

If you use the word often, would you please share with me what your definition of the word fuck is?

Lorajay 9 Jan 2

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I'm with you. Even in the cussing military I seldom heard the word. The British seem to have adopted it as just another adjective.


I heard a long time ago that in England back in time if someone (a woman) was unfaithful or did the deed without being married, she got an "F" on her forehead, and it stood for:
Equaling = FUCK

And the males got applause!


Who gives a fuck

Obviously I do or I wouldn't have asked the question.


Fuck is my favorite word.
It can be used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, and if you're really clever, an adverb.
Depending on context, it can mean anything.
I think using it liberally has probably kept me, and some others, alive.

Yes! This exactly!


I recommend getting a dictionary of slang and unconventional English. I remember in the late 1970's while in high school I looked up the word "fuck" and it seemed like there were more than forty definitions given. I grew up in the Los Angeles area, and hearing the word growing up was pretty common, although I did not use the word myself.

I wastold that excessive use of profanity shows a lack of vocabulary. And example of which would be the person(s) who seem to say "fuck" as every other word. It is lazy thinking, as you don't have think much to use the same word(s) over and over again.

However when a person is known to use profanity almost constantly, it loses meaning and lacks emphasis, and the person usually becomes generally angry as people seldom take such persons seriously.

I was taught that cursing was definitely done by people with a limited vocabulary. Despite that I observed that my father's friends loved his irreverence and frequent use of curse words.


I'm an ex-navy person, with a wide sailor vocabulary . . . My view is that words are nothing more than phonetic sequences, and when people have some emotional reaction to hearing a particular phonetic sequence, the problem is in their head, not yours. I could say curse words in other languages and most Americans would have no reaction whatsoever because they don't know what was said, and as a result have no emotional reaction to it. So in a sense, it can be pretty fucking entertaining to see just how people react to the word fuck. When I say Freighliner trucks are fucking pieces of shit, I mean they are pieces of shit that are frustrating as hell to have to drive. When I say that was a fucking stupid thing to do, I mean it as an intensifier, that it was epically stupid. So in a sense, I see the word as nothing more than an intensifier, used to blow off steam, and assigning some sexual meaning to it is left for the religious people and formalists who get all bent out of shape when they hear it. Obviously there are some situations where it does have a meaning with sexual overtones, but who gives a fuck?

Right on. 👏 I was actually surprised to see the OP equate “fuck” with sexual intercourse. Obviously that’s one meaning, but it’s the last one to pop into my head. It’s just satisfying using the word to emphasize emotion.

@Apunzelle it was my age showing. No one used that word when I was growing up and my daddy used every other cuss word in the book daily.


The versatility of the word FUCK.

I have noticed many people that say it often seem to revel in the shape their mouth and tongue makes as they say it.


It has become a very versatile word. For the younger people it is used much like "like" as a placeholder. "Like man, that sure does look like it would be fun!" or "Fuck man, that sure does look like it would be fun!" For many kids, it's a matter of seeing how many times they can say it in every conversation and even more fun when there are older people around who find it crass and annoying to hear!

My father, growing up, swore like a sailor. But I had never heard the word fuck. We moved to France when I was 7 and I had little contact with English speakers. We moved to Switzerland when I was 11 and I was enrolled in an International school. The majority of the students were American, and I heard the word “fuck” for the first time. I think I must have used it at home and my father had a fit! Said it was a terrible word and mentioned that though he swore a lot, he would never use that word and didn’t ever want to hear me say it again! Of course then it became my favorite swear word when with my friends! Nowadays I rarely use it, but then I don’t really swear a lot in general. If I do use it, it is not in a happy way, for sure!


It is perhaps the most versatile word in the world, emphasising any and all emotions/ feelings. From joy to vitriol. A very descriptive word usable for any scenario. Even opposing ones eg you can do a "fucking good job!", or a "fucking bad job!"
It is funny how it has evolved. A very famous TV presenter in Oz, Graham Kennedy, got banned in the '70's (maybe early '80's) for imitating a crow and going "Faaaaark" on live TV. Something no-one would bat an eyelid over now.

puff Level 8 Jan 3, 2023

The work “fuck” means “intercourse” to me only when I’m in the bedroom being a bad girl. Outside of that, I use fuck a lot … usually as the equivalent of shit, goddammit, and the like.

WARNING Satire Ahead — WHAT? Only bad girls fuck?

IMO, the most subtly-harmful effect of religion is the use of sex-related words as pejoratives. I say or write “effing” or “eff you”. When I joined this site, I saw the Memes R Us group and posted “Fuck God”.

Incidentally. when my baby brother (fifteen years younger than I) was in tenth grade, my father took him from a Catholic school.

That brother was the first of my father’s five kids to go to public schools. Years later, my brother told me that what he liked best about public schools was non-catholic girls.

@yvilletom By “being a bad girl,” I meant talking dirty in bed. 😉

@Apunzelle Aw-ww, I forgot to open with “WARNING Satire Ahead”.

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