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Can complete stillness heal a tired soul?

Who else has been been there?

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Cherokeeman 4 Jan 10

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I used old tires to resole my shoes. Was that the question?


No sole is ever so tired, that it won't wake up when it finds a sexy plaice.


define "Tired Soul"


No, it takes good shoes to heal a tired sole.

During the depression, my paternal grandfather literally walked all day, every day trying to make two bits to take home to feed his family. There were times when all they had to eat in the house was milk and crackers. Anyway, as his shoes wore out, he used cardboard to replace the soles because they didn't have anything else. FDR saved not only my relatives but many, many families.


There's no scientific evidence of a human soul. I noticed that your profile does not address your religious position. Are you agnostic or atheist?

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