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Good morning. I was wondering how many dog owners notice that their dogs are taking over all the items in the house by wiping their nose on it? I barely have time to wipe it clean and we're talking another nose swipe. Do they think its a checkout lane? Trying to make me crazy? What exactly is this behavior called if a wolf in the wild did it? Is that how they wipe their nose? Is it a stamp of approval? WTH?

K9Kohle789 8 Jan 14

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perhaps it is a self fulfilling prophesy. You see them sniff, you see the need to clean, they see you clean and they see the need to sniff


My guess is younger dogs do this for the same reason babies put everything in their mouth. I haven’t noticed this in my older dogs.


"My car windows are not dirty. That is my dogs nose art."


Perhaps needs more attention! Pls. check this out : []

Diaco Level 7 Jan 14, 2023

I never noticed my dog swiping his nose on anything. It's not that he doesn't, it's just that I never noticed it. I keep a reasonably clean house, but I'm not a germaphobe, and and hardly ever get sick. Dogs process their world through smells, much as we humans might read a newspaper or go online to see who's been there. If my dog wants to swipe his nose, I say let him! He lives here, too.

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