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Hello! My name is stupid and I thought I would share 🙂

I thought she was absolutely beautiful when I saw her pictures online. She sounded absolutely amazing after I read her profile. Her words tugged on my strings. So I decided to say hi with no expectations. In full knowledge that I am agnostic, she decided that we should be “platonic friends” and meet. I hesitated obviously because why would she want to meet with me? When she asked a second time I gave in with great trepidation. I was all sorts of nervous, anxious, scared worried and at the same time uncharacteristically calm? It was as if I already knew her and we were just meeting again after a long time apart.
When I saw her for the first time in person, as she walked in the door of the restaurant I choose for us, I was literally floored. She was even more beautiful than the pictures by far. As the afternoon went on and beauty faded into conversation I felt stronger about her. As every minute passed, jokes ensued, I felt what I thought was a connection.Yea I know men are stupid.
I had to end the afternoon short because I am introverted and my “battery” for being social was empty. I was probably rude. But I knew I wanted to see her again. I tried (unsuccessfully) to build on that night with her, a total stranger online. AKA I blew it. In my heart I’m trying not to be mad as I knew we weren’t compatible from the start. She is a Christian woman looking for a Christian man. I know I was stupid for going out with her in the first place. But she has made an impression on me like no other. I’m not sure if I’m better or worse afterwards. But I decided to share regardless. Because my name is stupid. And I thought I would share 🙂

Tutankhamun 7 Apr 30

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Hi Stupid, Nice to meet you. 😛 I used to be terribly introverted and forced myself to introduce myself to at least 5 new people during every work function. Now I'm much better but certainly understand the battery. Put the experience in the learning something new pile and move on.

I've gotten much better over the years but with a really hot woman it all goes out the window!

@Tutankhamun tongue hits the ground eh? lol


How much do you really know this person??? I would say stop beating yourself up.

Not well enough to be beating myself up but yet I'm doing it anyways?

@Tutankhamun She could be married, a serial dater, a drug dealer: I know Christians. They do all kinds of weird stuff, and they get to be forgiven because Jesus died for them. Some of them are real assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@happytena hahaha! True. Asking myself is she worth all that crazy? I'll have to think about it... lol


Well..... You maybe stupid in your terms. But you don't know unless you try. Being introverted myself I completely get the ive had enough and need to recharge. Look at it this way. Its a learning experience. Learn grow move on. You will find better.

Good way of looking at it. Find better? That's setting the bar REALLY high! But I'll take it 😉


I think your name is Smart. You did what you could to have a great time and face your introverted nature, While I am at home hidden in my house typing this message to you. You may call me stupid now.

Lol i hear you man! That's typically me as well. Takes a special woman to get me out of my hole!


Hell brother... its hard being us... you miss out on a lot of things.

I think that "we" gain far more than we miss out on.

@Athos. Ok..

@BucketlistBob: Intellectual integrity and self respect for a start.

I say it's about even. We gain knowledge and understanding but miss out on social things


Hope's wellspring is always full. Just try not to set yourself up for failure. Beauty is nice, but the connection is much more important. Find someone that is okay with you being yourself.

That's the worst part. The connection was pretty amazing. At least I thought so? It was her personality that blew me away more than anything. She is definitely a rare one


If it's any consolation - you're not the only one.

It is. Thanks for responding


I’m sorry you feel stupid. Just stop that and don’t.
You pushed your own boundaries being an introvert. That’s a huge accomplishment. It sounds as if you also know in your heart of hearts that the possibility of it ever ‘really’ going anywhere were slim to none given she is ‘looking for a Christian man’.
You had a good night, you learned a lot and you have some more experience under your belt for a next date. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope everything works out.

Right. I have to try to keep that in mind. Definitely pushed my boundaries for sure. But after going out with her? The bar is set VERY high!


We are strange creatures, emotional masochists sometimes...

Strange and emotional but hopefully not masochist! She wasn't THAT pretty! Oh wait maybe she was lol

@LetzGetReal I've been single now for almost 10 years. I do enjoy being in a relationship but I'm not addicted to anything but rum and porn 😛


I've done the same thing... gotten involved with someone when we knew I'd be moving across the country. Sometimes you just gotta do it!

I agree completely. I regret it a little but I had to at least try right?

@Tutankhamun Agreed!


I’m sorry. I know about social batteries running low on juice. If she doesn’t get that perhaps it’s best you found out now.

Totally agree

"Social batteries running low on juice." I understand this perfectly. That's a good way to describe that feeling. I'm the same way.


Awe, sorry it didn't end well. I like my boyfriend. He's so funny and sweet.

Hopefully some day for me! Is he religious?

@Tutankhamun No, but we broke up.


I see a lot of internet profiles written by women who say they are looking for a Christian man. I don't understand that. Seems to me the Jewish guy they worship said to love your fellow man. I don't believe he specified anything else -- not hair color or body size ----- or faith.

Hell I don't get it but what man really understands any woman?


Kick a man when he's down. Sorry dude. Thanks for sharing. I would love to show someone a good time and even blow it just for the chance of feeling something.

Proto Level 6 Apr 30, 2018

Yea I hear that man. Gotta look at the positive I suppose


From my POV, That whole "I want to be "platonic friends" thing was just to yank your chain. Be very glad you did not have another night, because it would be all about her.

You could be right!


Just wait and see. You never know what will happen.

Time will tell! If anything positive happens I'll be sure to update


If she was a Catholic(which supposedly means universal(so they should take everybody)). All is fair in love and war.So if it's love,a man has got to do what a man has got to do but if it isn't then you're fucked.Sorry

Love the candor! I would have to agree!!


Interesting story.

It's had me pretty bamboozled!


You are not stupid. You were aware of what you were doing. You were aware of potential ramifications. Both of you knew. Keep on trying. Im an atheist and 99.9 percent of men that I have been in relationships were, were not. Even when religious ideology is the same, doesn't mean compatability over all. Good luck next time and keep on keeping on. But, you are not stupid. It's never a stupid thing to try to find someone to share life with. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words. Needed to hear that


Men are stupid and women are crazy. And women are crazy because men are stupid. George Carlin.


You're not stupid you're hopeful....there is always the chance that she would have respected your views regardless of her own views. Would you have been willing to respect hers? That is the key to any kind of meaningful relationship...respecting another's views even if they aren't in sync with yours.

Very well said stranger. Thank you for your comment. Thank you for your kind words


She had some traits that activated a part of you that you like. She would never have been able to live up to the person you created in her image.

Cheri Level 5 May 1, 2018

She was acutely better than I expected. That's why I'm bummed!


My wife was christian, of sorts. However, she didn't attend church the whole time I knew her (23 years). She never forced her beliefs on me, or anyone. She just lived her life. She did get a bit heavy with the 'bless' comments at the end of her life, but how can I blame her? I can't.

Just being christian doesn't mean a person MUST be a zealot asshole who will force their beliefs on you. In a similar vein, being atheist doesn't mean you have to force your (lack of) belief on others.

That said, if your partner is too devout, and will eventually force their beliefs on you, that can be bad. A friends inlaws did that to their spouse and it was ugly.

Thanks for sharing. That's encouraging


I'm going through the same thing right now. I like her. She likes me but we aren't evenly yoked according to her faith in god and jebuss

It's tough ain't it? Especially when most of America is religious. Good luck to you


ahhh the pain, I don;t know about you, I end up with bruises from kicking myself in the head after things like this.

Yep agreed! Trying to get better at not kicking myself!

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