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This Tweet just came through my twitter feed.

An awful situation, all my sympathy and heartfelt wishes sent to them, but the logic(or lack of) was kind of mind boggling. My first thought was the prayers don't seem to be working. Couldn't god just have blocked his cancer and her CSF?
OTOH, it may help them emotionally.
Am i wrong

"Well, apparently, my incurable cancer isn’t enough of a life challenge.
Now my wife has a congenital cranial cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak and will need to undergo brain surgery."
All prayers are welcomed.."

ronnie40356 7 Jan 17

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Of all practices on earth, prayer has to be the most useless. If god knows everything, why should he have to be petitioned to let people live? Is the difference between life and death a popularity contest and the person with the most prayers "wins"?

Years ago, I remember an elderly neighbor telling me about his heart attack and that he lived because so many people prayed for him. I said, "Uh-huh," but was wondering why he just didn't allow himself to die--he would have gone straight to heaven, right?


I'm Sorry to hear this is happening to you and your wife.
I don't believe in prayer but I'll send some good vibes/thoughts. Reiki helps. As a level 3 master, We had a collective Reiki healing for a friend with cancer who only had days left and he lived another 6 months.

Emme Level 7 Jan 19, 2023

I usually respond with something banal like "My thoughts are with you." They're not asking for something original, just needing to share their troubles, so they don't feel alone in the challenge. So, I'm sure whatever you said in reply meant a lot to your friend.

It's a comfort to believers to know prayers are being "sent" however that is done. They don't expect non-believers to pray for them, but they aren't always able to articulate the equivalent of just silently conferring a hope that things will turn out the best way possible considering the challenge.


I'm sorry this is happening to you and your wife. Hang in there. 🤗 I can't send prayers as I don't believe in them but I will send my good wishes and a few more hugs. 🤗🤗🤗

Betty Level 8 Jan 17, 2023

If god did not care about all those who drowned during his flood why would you think he would care about you?

The flood was an instance of “tough love”!!?! 😊

Damn dude, human much??
Who you really are is showing.
Not everything NEEDS your opinion.
But I need a shower to wash off your yuck, now.


Believer’s feel prayer heals, although medical intervention is always responsible 98% of time in theses medical events!!!

The “Golden Hour” of survival when any overtly life threatening trauma appears is never cured by prayer, it is always life saving by the hands of men and/ or women you have the skills to save life!!!

As always believers alway feel dog’s(gods) will we prevail, when it always is medical intervention and the individuals immune system and over all health of the that individual and their actual will to live possibly!!!


I think that if you're a believer, knowing that others are thinking/praying for you does help emotionally. It gives a sense of support and community. At least, from my perspective as a church musician. Personally, prayer does not give me a sense of comfort, in the sense that I know nothing will change. Because I am not a believer, it seems silly to me, and at a time when silliness is not warranted.

I heard about one study showing that people in hospital had worse medical outcomes when they knew people were praying for them. I guess the non-believers took that as a sign that they were in deep trouble, and the believers' faith was not very strong.

@Flyingsaucesir I heard about that study too. Makes sense to me.

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