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Mansplaining, explained in one simple chart. This is my pet peeve for the day, because a male acquaintance felt he had to explain a VERY simple piano technology-related concept to me, though I have been tuning and repairing piano for over 50 years. He knows this, but had to mansplain anyhow. : -D He never would have said this to a guy!

Organist1 8 Jan 17

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This has become a dangerous issue. I often ask myself if I've fallen into this trap. I now include, words as, this is how I see things, or how I feel something that gets me out of the trap of sounding objective but really being subjective. Women can also fall into this trap. My sister-in-law is a prime example, to me, of doing this.

That sounds right to me.


Did ya know there are strings in a piano?

OMG...I learn something new every day!

@Organist1 I played violin, trombone and guitar. Not very good on any of them.

@PondartIncbendog I am guessing that you enjoyed them, though. Do you still play? BTW, I went to a Leo Kottke concert once, and he told a hilarious story about his attempt at being a trombone player. Good thing he took up the guitar.




Did you tell him to go fuck himself?

No. He just lost his wife. I felt conflicted, but did remind that I've done piano work for a long time.

@Organist1 How did he take it when you reminded him?

@anglophone It was an exchange on Facebook, and he did not reply. 😀

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