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And so it goes. Poor widdle fox news analyst

A Fox News analyst was kicked out of a cafe, online hate ensued. What it says about us.
Story by Jenna Ryu and Morgan Hines, USA TODAY •
On Saturday in Miami, Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell went for breakfast at Paradis Books & Bread. The meal evolved into a national news story that resulted in the restaurant shuttering for a planned "winter break" a week early, citing a deluge of online hate and harassment.


silverotter11 9 Jan 23

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I would guess there is a lot more to this than has been include in the link.


This is an old ploy, to go to a business space and behave in an obnoxious and offensive manner. It is a shame the restaurant cannot sue the creep for malicious restraint of trade or something. They should have just called the police and let them do what they do best...(!)


That why I like Alabama. The liberals get kicked out here. A few gas stations here even post it on their front door.

My friend says in some ways being black and living in the south is easier, you know exactly who hates. In the north you don't know until the knife is entering your back.
The gentlemen were asked to leave because they were speaking loudly in a negative way about women and others.
As far as the sign, thing with some in Alabama they won't even make an attempt at being civil or respectful.
America was founded by a bunch of white men who took from the natives and in many cases enslaved them. American owned, meh, I don't think most even understand what that means.

The Indians were well known for taking their own slaves, attacking villages and raping woman, and practicing cannibalism.
I don't know that your support of the Indians puts you on much higher ground. I would much rather be an Indian today than a few hundred years ago for sure.

@CourtJester Of course the Natives Peoples did all that. It was the white man who took it all to the next level and actually created laws to make it okay some of which continue to influence today.
In NJ growing up I saw the bias against Black people and Puerto Ricans. At 20 I moved to Seattle and the bias was against Native Peoples and Asians.
I realized many white folk just seem to need to be hating on others not white. Doesn't put me on higher ground, it just makes me really sad.

Is there a nation that isn't racist or an individual that loves and accepts everyone?


Conservative loudmouths, mysogenists, Bigots? Just too noisy? Overstayed their welcome.


Link isn't working sis..

Try this one.

@silverotter11 thanks sis!!


A privately owned business should always reserve the right to decide to ask a patron to leave regardless of the personal reason. That said, I do not see how such examples could be considered anything positive for society as a whole or foster any sense of good will towards those who have differing point of views. And I'm sure that cafe owner(s) would consider themselves loving and tolerant individuals, but their actions would say a different story.

I just don't see how such actions are in any way helping to bridge the political/social divide, and all it seemed to produce was anger and resentment and by extension hate mail & messages. That too I disagree with, as there's a reasonable and rational solution to such situations rather than resorting to hate mail, which is an equally self-defeating act.

Nowadays each political side feels compelled to one up the other whenever the opportunity presents itself, small wonder why so many are walking around angry and depressed, what anything good is there to look forward to? As George Carlin used to say, there's no shortage of enthusiasm for criticism but not enough criticism for such enthusiasm.

Oh I think it's very positive - it's the hypocrisy that's amusing. fox only seems to like it when a left leaning person gets kicked out or refused service but when it happens to the right loud mouths they go whining all over the place.
AS the story says, they had finished their meal but were loudly talking in a denigrating way towards women and others that they don't approve of so the management asked 'em to leave.

@silverotter11 I'll have to look into that story some more then, and at the time I first read about that story not all of the details had been released. If Caldwell & company really acted in such a manner, then the restaurant owner was right for making them leave, and I take back any defense I may have offered to Caldwell's side of that argument as I'm not about to defend anyone who talks filthy like that.

Right now as I understand it, Caldwell is claiming he did nothing wrong and the restaurant owner is also claiming no wrongdoing, and more evidence will probably soon come out to determine who is telling the truth. In the past there have been a few questionable similar situations involving conservative types either being denied service at a restaurant or heckled by nearby protesters, which is the reason I'm skeptical regarding stories like the one above. That said, it wouldn't at all surprise me if Caldwell is indeed lying/exaggerating claims. As for the hypocrisy part, not disagreeing on that much regarding that particular incident, but over the years I've observed such hypocrisy from most of the major media sources from CNN to FOX to MSN if and when one of their journalists face any sort of criticism in the public. Afterall, viewership numbers are on the line, and I'm sure they'll do whatever they have to in order to secure continued high view ratings.

@SpikeTalon One does have to take all the media output with a grain of salt, sadly it's what "news" reporting has devolved to -IMHO.

@silverotter11 It may be an opinion, but you aren't wrong about that, and sad it is indeed.

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