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This is what happens when criminally insane people get hold of guns: []

anglophone 8 Jan 24

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The only thing new is....this one's an elderly Asian man. Usually, they're young men, right? It's been a tough Lunar New Year celebration here. DAMMIT!


It will never end.

Not until the last GOPper is strangled with the entrails of the last Rethuglican. (With my apologies to Denis Diderot.)


No, this is what happens when you combine a country awash in easily obtainable guns with a sick culture that fetishizes guns, violence, and violent retribution.

You have broadened my thesis. I did not wish to cast my net too wide.

@anglophone it's all part of the same ''net,'' isn't it?

@pamagain My ignorance of the situation at the level of "the devil is in the detail" disinclines me to comment on that about which I am not completely sure of my facts.

@anglophone Gotcha'

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