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I hate it that people are trained to make you think they are helping you so much. Walmart keeps changing things around so I could not find the beer isle and asked an employee. She shows me the isle and asks what kind of beer I am looking for. I told her a lite beer and immediately walked up to a pack of Miller High Life. Oh, no, she says. This is not lite beer. She tried to explain and I remained polite.

What I wanted to say is "Hey, lady. Miller High Life was always a weak beer and popular back when there was no lite beer. It's only coming back now that light beer is very popular. I buy this stuff at 90 cents a bottle and I should know my beer because I have drank for the bigger part of my 76 years of life. You should stop trying to educate me and just show me the product. I'll do all the rest."

I did not say it though. I kept my cool and just smiled.

DenoPenno 9 Jan 24

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Were any of these 'unhelpful' types named Karnak?
Because Everybody in sales has seen, countless times. people declaring vociferously what they want and then more-than-happily buying something else, from cars & houses to mops.


Walking away would have been easier and quicker.


Aisle do my best.

Miller High Life is 4.6% ABV.

Similar stories are me looking for another computer monitor or TV that I can use for one. I simply wanted a bigger monitor and it has to have a certain type of base for the location and way that I am going to use it. I make this very plain because I know what I am looking for. The sales lady says "you can mount those on the wall too you know."

Then I have massage wands that have a 2 feet style pulsating head design and I want them close by my favorite chairs in order to use them. If I put them away completely it is a bother to get them out again. One has fallen and broken before but I fixed it. The best way of getting what I want is to have the wand sticking out of a small waste basket with the handle and cord facing up. Protected and not likely to fall anywhere. The eager store owner tries to sell me a paint mixing bucket with writing all over it. Then a red bucket with "True Value' written on it.

Jesus Christ! Please stop. Will you please stop and quit trying to sell me. I am not there to be sold on anything. Show me what you have and let me decide what I want. The sales people are now believing they did a great job by convincing you of what you really want and are looking for. Pathetic. I finally bought small black waste baskets at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each.


Curious to ask, what did she think "lite" beer was?

Word Level 8 Jan 24, 2023
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