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With his tone-deaf stunts, xenophobia, and blatant racism, Cheato's Mini Me has about as much chance of winning a national election as the Orange Foolius himself: zero. (That is, as long as good people vote.)

Flyingsaucesir 8 Jan 24

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I think Desantis has a very strong chance of becoming POTUS if he can get past Trump. There could be some mud that sticks if slung:

Desantis is shrewd and knows how to frame culture war issues to appeal to the base, plus he’s not anywhere near as reckless or brazen as Trump. He makes my skin crawl, but my disgust does not determine electoral outcomes.

Perhaps I should modify my original statement. There's no way DiSerpentis can win the popular vote (which SHOULD be the only requirement for ascension to the presidency). And even with the electoral college, he's still got an uphill battle. My point is that his stunts energize the Republican base, but alienate most people outside that base.


In response, The College Board organization should pull all AP courses out of Florida, so that they are not available to any student. That would teach the demagogue!

Punish the son for the sins of the father? Nah bra. There has to be a be a better way.

Hopefully a Burmese python will have DiSerpentis for lunch.

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