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People that have nothing better to do with their lives spend countless hours worshiping something conjured in their minds. If the spent as much time being constructive where would they be? To boot to be worshiped is a human emotion and desire. If they wanted to honor their deities it would be better to stop looking for some magical answer and concentrate how to make the world better.



Hey, I get to sleep in on Sundays. HUGE selling point here smile007.gif


Well said


it keeps them off the streets

btroje Level 8 Dec 7, 2017

My ex-in laws whole life revolved around their Congregational Church. They were very charitable and would deliver meals to shut-ins, invite elderly neighbors over for Sunday dinner, and recruit family members to assist neighbors. My ex and I babysat for a week at a neighbors house. Don't most churchgoers do the same. My Jewish parents idea of charity was to write a check. Never saw them go out of their way to help someone - I have always tried to give whatever I have to help others. gods had nothing to do with my assisting other.


You’d think… To me, they’re afraid. Afraid of a world far beyond their ability to cope. So they fall back on some semi-charismatic leader to guide and protect them. They’ll strike out at anyone showing the courage they lack … then focus on the immignarly or irrelevant in order to avoid (scary) reality. We don’t ~

Varn Level 7 Dec 7, 2017

Exactly. I mean, I don't spend all that time anymore worshipping and praying and attending church services and all that, which has freed up a lot of time so I can come to this site and complain about religious people. Ha! Actually, I don't think we can really say that the few hours a week devoted to devotion are impeding people from being good people and making a positive difference in the world. It would be like saying that people who play video games or who watch television or who read comic books are wasting precious time, but everyone needs downtime and relaxation. For believers, church and community can be rather relaxing and/or energizing.

resserts Level 8 Dec 7, 2017

That's a tough analysis there. I look back and yeah I was doing something that i don't believe in now. But i would of done what i could to help you because of this belief. It's tough out there and we need to be there for the new people converting to our thinking and them knowing I didn't cram it don't their throats in anger. Love you man.


Magic is always easier than work. I sure agree with you that some honest constructive work wouldn't hurt anybody especially if it's for the common good. I don't know how many people really want to be worshiped. I sure wouldn't. Maybe there are a few, like that guy in the White House.

gearl Level 7 Dec 7, 2017

I agree it would but, that is not the nature of the beast; people are always looking for the easy way.

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