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BOOM! FAKE vaccine cards for doctors? What? In Texas? Houston Methodist Hospital offered fake cards to doctors who refused the vaccine so that they would not lay them off? - Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter

'Dr. Julapalli says his colleague claimed that a high-ranking official at Methodist offered her the opportunity to fake getting the vaccine. 'She told us fake vaccine cards would be done internally'
My own internal investigations and discussions indicate that this is widespread across the United States and Canada and UK, that many doctors especially hospital physicians and many politicians, MPs, MPPs, ministers, senators etc. have faked the COVID gene injection, took none, them and their immediate families, as they were onto that the gene injection was not properly developed and dangerous. I have it on good authority anonymously and very very confidentially, that Pfizer and Moderna told many high level society people not to take the COVID injection, particularly their own mRNA gene platforms. This was the understanding among many elite ‘richer’ persons in US and Canada who were clued in, and many doctors told particular patients not to take it and did not give it and gave fraud shots with fake cards.
Do not think that Dr. Julapalli is on his own here, this is well known and widespread. It is the poorer, the middle class ‘idiots’ as Pfizer and Moderna and Fauci and Francis Collins considered them to be, the gullible ones, the ones threatened with no jobs, no income, who got he shots, believing! Trusting.

This was widespread and still is in America and Canada.

I told you day one this was all a fraud. The dam is breaking and huge praise for Dr. Venu Julapalli (and his brother) who risk careers, income, and their very lives. I just said it, he is taking risks we take daily, McCullough, I, Kory, Oskoui etc., and he is risking his very safety and his family’s.

‘Dr. Venu Julapalli: My name is Dr. Venu Julapalli. I was on staff at Houston Methodist, The Woodlands, and got suspended and ultimately terminated due to the vaccine mandate.
Sharyl: You did not want to get vaccinated?
Julapalli: No.

Dr. Julapalli says his colleague claimed that a high-ranking official at Methodist offered her the opportunity to fake getting the vaccine.

Julapalli: She told us that it would be done internally, and she told us that when she asked him, "Has this been offered to anyone else?" he said, "I can neither confirm nor deny that.”

Methodist declined to answer when we asked whether any employees were offered an opportunity to pretend to be vaccinated.’


BDair 8 Feb 1

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The pandemic that was actually an epidemic which worldwide only 6.75 million died of this virus!!!

The pandemic propaganda has destroyed our worldwide economies and has hastened inflation of over 30%
(11% officially)!!!

Overt unnecessary lockdowns, adverse censorship, along with cultural and societal restrictions and destruction!!!

Welcome to the new world order!!!


The entire plandemic was engineered to take down economies,
and enrich the elite 1% that profited greatly.
There is a massive amount of information the shows
foreknowledge of a coming viral outbreak going back more than
a decade.


Related story.
Fake Vaccination Cards Were Sold To Health Care Workers On Instagram

BDair Level 8 Feb 1, 2023

Also this -
Fake Vaccine Card Sales Have Skyrocketed Since Biden Mandate


Thank you BDair for another load of...

You might need some of this
for your little problem.

Lay one of those on the Matrix clown world, instead.🤡👇🏾


I know a bunch of doctors with "Fake" vaccine cards. Anyone in the medical industry simply has to ask a coworker. For a while, someone typically had a handful in their pocket for a patient that wanted the Covid shot.
Our whole hospital was threatened with losing our jobs if we didn't get "vaccinated". Less then half of the hospital got the shot, but everyone has a valid vaccine card that's been signed off on. Some have multiple cards sitting in a safe just in case they lost their wallet or something.

Most of the elite class faked their vaccinations.
The videos of heads of state getting the jab are
mostly fakes.

@BDair Prove it. That's sounds like 🐂💩.

@CourtJester You're from Texas, right? Then it doesn't surprise me.

I'm not from Texas, but I'll mail you some baby wipes if you shoot me your address.

'The police arrested six suspects in Madrid and a seventh in the province of Barcelona for allegedly selling fraudulent documents that have endangered public health.

A Covid-19 passport, known throughout the EU as a Green Pass or immunity passport, is widely required in order to enjoy many of the travel and social benefits that were freely accessible before the pandemic, such as entry to restaurants and entertainment venues.

Authorities say that the suspects illicitly entered the personal information of 1,600 people into Spain’s National Vaccination Registry to allow customers to circumvent the country’s public health mandates.

Investigators also discovered a link to the criminal organization’s France-based operations and leaders. The information has been passed along to French authorities.'


@CourtJester Oh, that right, you're in Alabama. Deep South. Bible Belt. Confederate state. America's 6th poorest state...not doing so well since the slaves were freed.

Best state in the nation with the best people in the nation. Very few liberal to run off the road here. It's pretty nice really.

The majority of the democrats are in downtown Birmingham killing each other with their democrat mayor. We have nothing to really be concerned with in Alabama. I'm loving it here.

And don't forget, Alabama was a strong democrat state back when the democrats had the KKK to kill off the blacks. We eventually moved to largely republican after the views on race changed. Amazingly, us racist southerners won't put up with the KKK here and we don't like planned parenthood being based in black communities to keep the number of black babies down either. That's the democrats.

I'd say we're in pretty good shape since that dirty republican, Abreham Lincoln freed the slaves from those darn loving Democrats that were killing black communities.

We also have lower taxes, we aren't required to wear masks, criminals will likely get shot for acting like criminals, my black wife feels more welcome here than most places we've lived, we don't have rolling blackouts when it's hot or cold because we were smart enough not to switch over to windmills, solar panels, and unsupportable electric cars, and outside of the democrat ran cities, we don't have to worry about riots because the three town cops most places have will stay home and let the citizens handle it. it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

I'll mail you a history book to go with those baby wipes too if you'd like.

@CourtJester Ooooo, sounds like I touched a nerve. 😂😂😂

Not at all. It's comical when those that enjoy being oppressed knock on the places that they can't live. I like pointing it out how ignorant the liberals are. I have a few responses that I keep on a word document on my desktop that I just copy and paste. You guys are predictable and that just makes it quick and easy.

@CourtJester I could live in Alabama. I just choose not to. Perish the thought! 😂

No you couldn't. Not for very long anyway.

@CourtJester Why not?

You wouldn't like the lack of government overreach and not many people would be nice listening to you complain about it. Your neighbors would point you out as a liberal.

@CourtJester I guess you don't realize how dumb your last statement sounds. First, if I defined a policy as overreach, that would mean I didn't like it. I'm not going to call for something I don't like. Duh! Second, I tend to get along very well with people, wherever I go. Third, I am very comfortable in my liberal/progressive skin, and not afraid to have others see me for who i am. As you have seen over and over, I am perfectly capable of defending/promoting my positions; allies flock to me.


Give it a break.

Are you afraid you will be exposed to new information
that you were previously unaware of?

@BDair I agree with Jolanta. The thing is, I'm not finding any new information. If all of this was about food instead of a vaccination you would stop eating and sound an alarm so others would stop eating also. Give it a break.

There is much about our food system to
sound an alarm about, just like our medical system.
That is why I avoid both.

@BDair Oh, so when you will get sick you will just suffer in silence and not see the doctor.

@Jolanta I do not suffer. I use good nutrition and a plant based diet devoid of carcinogenic processed
'foods' as my healthcare. I view most modern medicine as completely unnecessary, other than
emergency trauma care for broken bones or stitches. I have not taken so much as an aspirin in more than twenty years. I am 60, and have not had a scheduled doctor visit since seeing my pediatrician at about age four.


If most people ate, drank and excerize healthy, We wouldn't be taking about the toxic drugs and vaccines , that the drug pushers are pushing on us with mandates and guns to our heads for backup.

@Castlepaloma You must live in a different world than I do.

I agree with this philosophy.

@BDair I don't exactly disagree with that. But it does not tell the whole story. For one thing, many of us would be dead or severely disabled without vaccines against polio, diptheria, tetanus, measles, etc. I would probably either be dead or only have one leg if it were not for the antibiotic I took for a wicked bad staph infection when I was 12. My foot swelled like a football, and red streaks were running up my leg. It was either kill the infection, or amputate, or die. Without antibiotics, I would probably be dead or still sick from the giardia (an intestinal parasite) I picked up when I was 44. The parents of a young colleague of my mom were antivaxers, refused the COVID-19 vaccine. They both died of COVID. The brother and sister-in-law of a close friend of mine are antivaxers, and they are deathly sick with COVID-19 as of this writing. They skated fir a while, but it finally caught up with them, and now they may pay with their lives. Meanwhile, almost everyone else I know has gotten the mRNA shots and boosters, without any side effects other than a little fever for 24 to 36 hours, and, importantly, NO COVID-19!

@Flyingsaucesir your anecdotes are not evidence of anything.
"Meanwhile, almost everyone else I know has gotten the mRNA shots and boosters, without any side effects other than a little fever for 24 to 36 hours, and, importantly, NO COVID-19!"
Before anyone was vaccinated for Covid, 99.9% of the population had very mild, or no symptoms at all
if they had the evil 'Covid'. There was never any reason to vaccinate anyone.

@BDair Before there were vaccines people were masked up, locked down, and the ICUs and morgues were FULL of COVID-19 patients. What planet did you say you were from?

They moved hospital ships into L.A. and N.Y. harbors,
they left after never being needed.
They built field hospitals all over the country,
that never treated a single Covid case.
There was never a huge pandemic.
It was a media fabrication to fool the brainwashed
like you.

Israel filled up their ICU's 'after' jabbing most
of their population multiple times.

I wonder why ICU admissions peaked after the
vaccines emerged.

@BDair The hospital ships were a precaution, a place where non-covid patients could be treated without danger of infection. Some patients were seen there, but the ships were never going to be enough if COVID-19 really got out of hand. Luckily, it didn't. Most people followed the CDC guidelines for masking up and social distancing. We flattened the curve, and gave the hospitals and healthcare workers some breathing space. Still, because of Trump's poor leadership and conflicting messages, 200,000 more people died of COVID-19 than needed to.

You are using Vaccine Apologetics.


Many questions remain over the false Covid-19 vaccination certificates bought by stars, sports personalities and business leaders


BDair Level 8 Feb 1, 2023

Yes, Some People Really Are Faking Their COVID Vaccine Cards


The only time I would lie, if someone or thing will harm me. I would lie and sign the dam vaccines paper,if it meant lesser harm or risk danger also.

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