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Does anyone still have access to a copy of that nasty article Admin wrote about the liberals on this website to post on another of his websites?

LovinLarge 8 Mar 2

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When I read his "key points" block at the beginning I thought he was setting up a sarcastic devils advocate probe, since it contained every possible trigger that would hit any (truly) "woke" &/or progressive leaning person. Very clever I thought.
But the further I read into his groundless weird ideas and all his unsubstantiated assumptions and claims it seemed to me that here was a once intelligent person who had fallen down a conspiracy rabbit hole, (or was finally succumbing to the ravages of long time substance use).

Yessir, he is a piece of work. If you have a strong stomach and are interested in seeing what he and his ilk are up to, have a look at the highly disreputable The group names alone will give you the picture. When did becoming the worst person you can be become a life's ambition?


I learned a bit reading this and still know very little of our original admin. First off, I simply do not understand what "woke" and "wokism" have to do with any of this. I just do not get it. I remember a relative by marriage telling me when Trump was president that "Ted Nugent was woke, but I am not woke." After that the idea of being "woke" went totally into something to torment or own the Dems and the right got carried away with ideas of the left wanting to give sex change operations to your Kindergarten kid. Actions of many on the right seem to show me that they believe this and that similar things drive our politics. It is no wonder that so many of us are so frigging screwed up!

I'm not here to date or to bash conservatives. I might post an opinion of fact sometimes. I do not block anyone by have noticed that I cannot post in many groups in because someone has blocked me. Apparently they do not respect or want my opinion. So now, what is the point Mr. admin? Maybe I should join Slug and see.

You truly have an amazing way with words. Just when I think I've lost where you are going, you bring the point home in a more effective way than if you've stated it directly. I'm not sure you even know you're doing it. You may be the only member whose comments I have to read twice to follow along. Please never stop, they are a joy you behold.


Found it. Read it and weep.


Thank you for your efforts - much appreciated.

Oh my! An anti-woke person defining what woke means, haha! My goodness how wrong he gets it. His head is in the sand for whatever reason. Obviously he is gullible to those who are painting awareness and empathy with their wicked brush.

His obvious hatred for someone like me, who believes in respect and fairness, makes me regret asking for help with the obvious problems this site is having -- he obviously has abandoned us and doesn't care a fig about us, now that some of us have grown to enjoy the camaraderie here. Well, it was good while it lasted.

@Julie808 I can't figure out why he keeps this site afloat. Maybe he's using us as an experiment without telling us again. You are a lovely person Julie and very beautiful. He doesn't know how to appreciate people like you. But the rest of us do. Love your posts.

I started reading it. I found it turgid and ill thought out, and I could not force myself to read even the first quarter of it. I have better things to do with my life than waste it on other people's mental masturbation.

@anglophone I didn't provide it for its excellence, I provided it so you would understand who he is.

@anglophone I should have made my purpose clear at the outset. Sorry about that.

@LovinLarge No worries, and thanks for taking the time and trouble. 🙂


Huh! I didn't realize Admin wrote so many posts. I only just now looked at them. I guess I didn't follow him or wasn't interested in being part of his Topic of the Day group. Maybe he's deleted the post you are thinking of? I do remember seeing a post where he seemed to be abandoning this site for something called "Slug" where conservatives would feel more at home, and leaving the more liberal minded to fend for ourselves?

Maybe he's pulling the connection plug only for those who have a fair minded outlook?

It was a full fledged article that he wrote after watching this site turn liberal. He used his interactions with the liberals here on which to hase a nasty article. I asked him a couple of times whether he had interacted with people here as "admin" or whether he had done so incognito but he never answered which made me suspect the latter.

I had forgotten the name of, thank you. I just had a look at it and it is as concerning as ever, a training ground for the radicalization of white nationalists. Anyway, I know there are people here who remember the article, hopefully one will step up.


No, I don't even remember that sorry. But would like to see it, if you find it, please send me a link.

Found it!


@LovinLarge Thank you.

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