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Given the expose on Tucker Carlson & Fox News blatant manipulation to American voters, which opinion is closest to your current perspectives on how to deal with this type of propaganda?

Tucker Carlson & Fox News

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domos 7 Mar 9

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Tough to argue the video footage

Except if you are him.... Sight seeing... Omg!


I live in a city that has imposed its own censorship.
Let me explain; In 1989 an FA cup semi-final match at Hillsborough stadium ended in disaster. 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death and hundreds more were injured.* The reasons for this have taken decades to be exposed but they were mostly due to gross incompetence by the police responsible for crowd control. As soon as it happened, the police sought to shift the blame onto the fans themselves. (victim shaming) The Murdock press and most notably "the Sun" newspaper were very complicit with this to the extent of adding such scurrilous lies like "Fans robbing and urinating on the dead". When in reality, fans were breaking up billboards for makeshift stretchers and trying to get some medical assistance. (There was only one St Johns ambulance team for the whole stadium)
I want to try and imagine the grief and outrage that such an event caused. Hardly a family or individual in the city was not touched in some way by this disaster. If not your family, then your work colleagues' family and to compound it, the Sun printing vitriolic lies in order to cover up the incompetence of those responsible. An inquest/inquiry was held but was a whitewash. Evidence was withheld and decades of campaigning for justice ensued. Eventually, a full inquest was held with all the evidence presented and some form of justice prevailed.
But what of the Sun newspaper? That scurrilous rag that printed such lies and never retracted or apologised? Were they to go Scott free? It is not possible for a whole city to sue for libel. A complaint to the press council would get them a slap on the wrist at best. And so a campaign by the families of the 96 began to boycott the Sun. They asked us (the people of Liverpool) not to buy it. There are other papers of similarly low quality you can buy and whilst you are there ask your newsagent not to stock it. The boycott spread, not only to mom-and-pop stores but large chains like Asda (Wall-Mart) so as I type, it is impossible to buy the Sun newspaper in my city and the campaign is spreading out to outlying towns. Btw bear in mind that the Sun is the biggest-selling paper in the UK. (everywhere except Liverpool that is).

I write this not to aggrandise my city or to brag. But simply to show what can be done when determined people get together to try and right wrongs.


2 & 4 are also good choices.


CNN, MSNBC and most of the main stream media told blatant lies and suppressed the truth to help get Biden elected. There’s good reason for Fox to be the number one news channel in America.

Produce your evidence.


But Fox and Tucker in particular are NOT news. He literally said so under oath* Perhaps if you look someplace other than Faux Gnus, you might read what Tucker really thinks of tRump (spoiler alert, not flattering) and how dumb he thinks his viewers are. Btw these are from court records in the Dominion billion $ lawsuit, so NOT fake news but documents reluctantly handed over in discovery.


tarring and feathering tucker might get good ratings.


The whole idea of filtering out certain views, (censorship) is based on the assumption that most people cannot tell a lie from the truth . . . . yet if people are never exposed to mendatious content, for the most part, they automatically assume that everything they see is true. If you want people to be critical thinkers, you cannot shelter them from bad actors and lies. One does not become a good at critical thinking by sitting on the sidelines and not being exposed to lies.
When you filter out certain views, you remove the ability to see problems cropping up . . . . the critical views are often born out of changes in the way people are thinking influenced by the times and their environment. If there is something going wrong, we need to know about it, not sweep it under the rug by hiding the message . . . . If you want to destroy racism, you don't hide it under a rug, you expose it!

And face it, just like the organization being criticized, the poster's poll is also biased. Who would have guessed?

Are you familiar with the recent expose of text messages amongst Fox News staff...? I don't think the context of this poll was about imposing censorship in the opposite direction.

@domos I am not familiar with the recent expose at all. But "dealing with propaganda", in most cases today, is seen as a need for censorship, but that is a double-edged sword.

The problem in this case I think, is not the absence of censorship, in my view, it is corporate and government control of the media, the removal of diversified influence in the media. It all started with the erosion of anti-trust laws, or, the lack of enforcement of anti-trust laws.

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