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I was never very good at making money, much better at spending it. Most of my clients were poor women getting out of bad marriages so getting rich off this clientele did not appeal to me. It was always more impotant to me to do good work and solve problems as fairly as possible. I have always been satisfied with food, clothing, shelter, health and dental care, quality people to care about and the truth on my side.

When I saw Paul's appeal, I knew I could and would help out a little but not enough to make a difference to him. A few generous others did the same. It will take more of us to get Paul over the hump so I'm asking YOU one final time if there is an amount of money you could donate that you wouldn't even miss? GoFundMe is secure. You can donate anonymously, if you wish. No amount is too small or too big. I don't know Paul personally but I have always seen him conduct himself as a gentleman on this website. Thanks for hearing me out.

"Well, It's Official: I'm a Panhandler Now"

LovinLarge 8 Mar 18

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Can't open this post. Is this gentleman Paul a member of agnostic?

Sorry, someone else had the same problem, not sure why. Paul has been a regular contributor here for quite some time. Here is his profile picture. He is in a temporary jam.

Here is the direct link if you want to read his story: []

Thanks for asking.

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