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Heard of this guy before, seems he is still active; the love child of Charles and Camilla.
We have DNA tests so this could be settled once and for all quite quickly. I wonder, if he is lying, why he is still up and running on social media? You would think if a false accusation, he would be shut down fairly quickly then sued for defamation.

puff 8 May 13

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I couldn't care less about the royals, except that I wish the monarchy would be abolished. But beyond that, I don't see why anybody would give a shit if they spawned any illegit kids, and this guy is a fool if he thinks anyone seriously gives a shit about his pedigree...

No royal fan myself but if true, being the firstborn of the King, I think there are plenty who give a shit.

@puff If they care, then it's their problem, the twits, lol... Anyone who still worships or respects the monarchy needs to wise up and join the modern world.


Not worth pondering. I do not give a hoot about any royalty anywhere.


Are there not numerous agencies in Hollywood and wherever 'stars' congregate that specialize in Body Doubles, Lighting Doubles, and celebrity impersonators?
a bunch of photos showing a resemblance proves Zippity-Do-dah!
he has had the ability, for decades, to take a DNA test by his own order........
I believe they cost about $45........

Not so simple here. The English monarchy is also Head of State in Australia. Doubt there is any court in Australia that could order a member of the royal family to submit to DNA samples for this. He could compare his DNA with Harry to determine if Charles is a common father. 😀

@puff if he took a DNA test it would give him a profile of his ancestry, places or origin, and near relatives, duuuuhhhhhhhhhh.
after taking mine about 6 years ago, (on a whim), they STILL send me emails telling me about this or that ancestor, cousin twice removed, or whatever.....

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