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Ah, 6.9... now, how to avoid 7.0 and higher? 🙂

Gnarloc 7 May 3

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Are you referring to the Windows Experience Index? Because you really don't want anything below a 7.0


To avoid it you must stop logging in and not get that 5 pts every day, and also stop interacting in comments. You are free to create a new email and make up a new name to join again of course.
I'm 6.5 and so I need to ask why is Level 7 so scary for you that you want to avoid it?


You could always close out your account and start over again.


Hang in there Buddie, it now gets harder !


6.9 is defined as a good time interrupted by a period

I was thinking along those same lines.

I am slow today...
Had to read that twice to get it.
I should have been quicker, after all I was born in 1969.


I did consider this, I wonder what happens if we asked people to remove comments from our posts? Would our points go down?

It does say that can occur.

Would our points go down? God only knows. Let us pray..

. they do not.

I didn't know you could lose points. So maybe, by being a jerk, Gnarloc could remain at 6.9. hahahahaha

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