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“The Magical Kingdom of Ron DeSantos:” by a British journalist Helen Lewis.

”Sunday morning in Ron DeSantis’s vision of hell, and I was drinking bottomless mimosas. This was R House, a drag bar in Wynwood, an area of Miami that has made the journey from sketchy to bougie in just two decades. Last July, a viral video filmed at R House showed a drag performer, her implausible breasts barely covered with pasties, dollar bills stuffed into her thong, showing a small child how to strut along a catwalk. “Children belong at drag shows!!!!” read the caption. “Children deserve to see fun & expression & freedom.” DeSantis responded by ordering a government investigation of the restaurant.”

”When I visited R House, I didn’t see any minors, although the menu did offer a $30 kids’ brunch. If anything, the drag show revealed how thoroughly gay culture has been absorbed into the mainstream; judging by all the sashes and tiaras, most of the customers were part of bachelorette parties. At the table next to me, a woman daintily fed a glass of water to a Chihuahua in a jeweled collar. Fans were snapped, dollar bills were waved, and a few performers did some light twerking, but the only serious danger to children here would have been from a flying wig.

”I left perplexed. In all honesty, I had found the viral video disturbing; as the DeSantis administration’s complaint argued, the performance had a “sexualized nature” that was clearly inappropriate for kids to watch. But it was no more disturbing to me than giving an 8-year-old a “purity ring,” or letting them fire a pistol, or forcing 10-year-olds to bear their rapists’ babies. Why can’t America just be normal? And why wouldn’t DeSantis, extoller of “parental rights in education,” let moms and dads decide what to show their own children? The paradox of freedom, Florida style, is that it’s really an assertion of control. People like us should be free to do what we want, and free to stop other people from doing what they want when we don’t approve. That’s why it would be deeply unfair to call Ron DeSantis a petty tyrant. If he is a tyrant, he is an expansive one.”

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jackjr 7 May 17

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What’s so special about this bozo? He’s just another Chump imitator. Seems like nobody can find their own identity anymore.

I agree. A bozo is exactly what he is. Your own identity is thought an obstacle in politics. I think this kind of thinking is BS and disproven by the popularity of many odd folks (on both sides).


Best lines: "...the performance...was clearly inappropriate for kids... But it was no more disturbing than...forcing 10-year-olds to bear their rapists’ babies."


Floriduh deserves Mo-Ron DeSantass.


Just when we thought trump was really bad along come deSatan.

And yet he thinks his brand of extremism will get him the WH.


Thankfully I'm neither a parent or a FL resident but I think society plays way too much to the kid appropriate thing. They're growing up fucked up no matter what we do.

Some are, some aren't.

@Flyingsaucesir Well there's a definitive statement.

@rainmanjr Don't get me started! 😂

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