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The barrage of hypersonic missiles Putin launched at Kiev one night last week cost him over $120 million. Thankfully, Vlad the Invader did not get much bang for his buck. Ukrainians shot down all but one of the missiles. This happy outcome was made possible by U.S.-made Patriot missile defense systems.🙂


Flyingsaucesir 8 May 19

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These missiles are often shot down now, and may soon be regarded by governments as not worth the millions of dollars each for something that will ultimately be a bottle rocket.
I cannot see any down side in this. Did I miss something?

No, I think you grasp the situation.


If dumpety, who looks at putin like a dog looks at bacon, gets back in he would OK Putin to have Poland too.

If the Done Cheato had succeeded in stealing the 2020 election, Putin would already have his feet up on Zelenskyy's desk in Kiev.

@Flyingsaucesir Yep. Because he would have destroyed NATO


I remember in February 2022 how the Russian troops packed their dress uniforms for a victory March in Kiev after their quick 3 day war was over. Hubris is a common trait among despotic leaders. Putin wanted to leave a legacy rivaling Peter, Ivan, and Stalin, not Peter III Fyodorovich.

My only worry is that the crazy SOB could go nuclear.

@Flyingsaucesir it is a risk technically. The option of standing back and doing nothing while he reclaims “traditionally Russian territory” is a much bigger risk IMO.

@Garban I agree. We should not be deterred from a vigorous defense of Ukraine.

@Flyingsaucesir Then it will be what it must be so there's no value in worrying. I'd set the nuclear odds at 90/10 in favor of toasting Ukraine. Maybe even DC now that we're supplying F-16s (though all of NATO would respond).

@rainmanjr Your logic is good; no use in worrying. However, I doubt that the odds of nuclear war are as high as you place them. Nevertheless, I'm sure the American and European leaders are struggling with decisions on a daily basis. None of this is to be taken lightly.

Free people fight fiercely to not be slaves.

Conscripted soldiers not so much.

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