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When a school board or school administrators decide to ban books, films or materials from he school and/or classroom due to the input of one or eve several parents, it is allowing tyranny by the minority. Those actions should never taken without sampling a big slice of public opinion on the issue.

wordywalt 9 May 23

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When I saw a list of children's books that were banned, I noticed several titles that I've seen my grandson reading. To me, that means that if they aren't found in a library, they will be purchased by parents individually, who want their kids to have the well rounded education, and perhaps donated afterward to book sales. This seems to me to have a little bit of an opposite effect than planned by the book banners, in that if a book is banned or controversial, it often makes it more appealing to some sector of the population.


Don't take or limit freedoms. This is America. Period, fuck minority and fuck public opinion. Freedom is freedom, let it ring.


Isn't this "tyranny of minorities" that you deplore a phenomenon of the cultural left? Isn't it mainly "woke" activists who demand that a book be banned because they found the N-word in it, or a kind of "cultural appropriation"?
Sure, recently this kind of woke activism caused a backlash from the other side (Florida !), but it's a tit-for-tat action, it wasn't the political right that invented this censorship 2.0, a.k.a. 'cancel culture'.

Absolutely NOY in this country. The whole "woke" crap is nothuing but a right wing manufactured dog whistle.

@wordywalt There most defiantly a LARGE "woke" minority in the USA. There are so many examples in daily news I can't understand your denial.

Conservatives were the originators of cancel culture. They literally tried to cancel an entire culture... African Americans... and then again with gays. Conservatives were such snowflakes that they went into a rage if a black person drank from the same water fountain as a white person. More recently conservatives have gotten upset over people kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance and currently they're outraged that a beer company used a transgender spokesperson. In many U.S. states conservatives are trying to ban books and drag queens. I could easily make a long list of things that conservatives have tried to ban.

@TheInterlooper What you say is only true for extreme ethnocentric, right wing ideologues. To most others the two labels are not synoymous.

@AlienbeingYou exaggerate thesize of the "woke" group. Almost none of tghepeopleI know would call themselves "woje."

Exactly. Who are the twats who deemed it acceptable to destroy and cancel what they find offensive? And like the FBI playing politics, this case suggests the same twats will not see a problem until it is used against them.
All censorship sucks.

@wordywalt First you say "bsolutely NOY in this country. The whole "woke" crap is nothuing but a right wing manufactured dog whistle." Now you say "@AlienbeingYou exaggerate thesize of the "woke" group. Almost none of tghepeopleI know would call themselves "woje.".

Which is it? Additionally whether the woke group calls itself woke is entirely irrelevent to the fact that they exist. Remember rose by any other name is still a rose.


It is unlikely that a parent should have any say over what material is presented in a public school to their own child. They certainly shouldn't have any discretion over what is presented within the school to other children. The obvious exceptions being where school administrators or teachers have selected religious materials and practices to be followed. Also obvious is how these overlap: religious citizens may neither smuggle religious material in, nor censor materials to all students that their religion decides to be offensive.

Instead, religiously motivated requests for censorship should be viewed the same as bruising of the child. Child Protective Services should be alerted and the relationship investigated. Parents found to be abusive towards their children, whether physically or MENTALLY should have their children removed to foster care.

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