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'It’s been a horrendous couple of weeks for the FBI - each day bringing a fresh scandal. This time, their treatment of whistleblowers who revealed to Congress the level of FBI involvement in the Jan 6 protests. So, isn’t it time to do something about the FBI, or would that equate to disbanding a wing of the Democrat party?'

BDair 8 May 25

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Hoover may have sucked Nixon's dick to have greater power so the FBI has always been a heavy handed Con organization. Gotta be tough to squash crime, like Elliot Ness was in putting down Prohibition "criminals" who took all their criminal money and went legit or following and harassing John Lennon because Elvis felt threatened. To call an org headed by a 45 appointee, one who claims fealty to Con philosophy, Democrat controlled seems a stretch, however.


It’s debatable the FBI oversteps its authority, but to equate them to the Democrats is a pretty uninformed opinion. I have FBI family ties and my observation is a majority of agents tend to be on the conservative side, not to mention the director is a Republican, appointed by Trump………


FBI and CIA are creating more harm then good.

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