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Pretty much how the world sees it

puff 8 May 26

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Consider the White House granted to Republicans on a silver platter for the net 12 years, Democrats can love their frail, slow walking, unfit hero as much as they want but the reality will teach a lesson, just the hatred towards Trump will not help as much as it did in 2020. Biden in the White House is a joke. The age is not the only issue, he is very frail.


Sooooooo, taking your political stances based on Horrible ''human beings'' and their major losingness, are ya? No surprise there!

Seems to me Americans vote in a POTUS lately based on a single issue.
Trump: Not part of the Washington gravy train.
Biden: I'm not Trump

If this is the case, single issue politicians, then if American I would strongly support Kennedy as you can be sure he will release all files on the assassination of his uncle......................and 9/11 as well. But I suspect if he became a serious contender, he would be "removed". He can offer what both the other clowns can eg He's not part of the Washington crowd neither is he Trump.

@puff mmm, you might want to reread and edit this as it is vVry confused-sounding......

@AnneWimsey If you are going to vote for single issue politicians, vote for the one who vows to release documents supposed to be declassified years ago. That sole reason would get my vote.

@puff ooookkkaaaayyyyy, you think that your 2 replies here in any way shape or form are equivalent? nu-uh..........


Oh Boy! Hitler is upset over Biden’s re-election and war with Russia?.. Hitler was most impressed with the American native Genocide.

He's upset 2020 is getting repeated is how I took it.


It feels like a repeat.

A war with Russia and China is the beginning of world War 3 or the greatest separation of humanity. Biden has done so much to lead up to this happening.


If Biden loses Hitler might be re-elected. Sorry. I meant Agolf Twittler.

If Biden is re-elected after Afghanistan, Nord Stream, border management, his 51 spooks letter, "Russia-gate, politicisation of the alphabet agencies and general civil divisiveness he encourages then the Democratic party will become one party rulers aka fascism. Trump is not the answer either.

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