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I told a barefaced lie at Walmart today and I am not ashamed. Let me explain.

I bought ice cream and a couple of other items at Walmart yesterday and left the bag they were in at the store. I was so set on having ice cream, though, I went to Dollar General as it was closer and bought ice cream.

Today, I went back to Walmart to get my forgotten items. However, I told the lady at customer service that I didn't want the ice cream (which, luckily, they were smart enough to return to the freezer) as it had been an impulse buy and I didn't want the calories. I did NOT tell her about getting the other ice cream at their competitor and eating half of it yesterday and the other half this morning. I told her I was going to buy cherries as they were healthier.

And I didn't lie about the cherries--I bought some yesterday and they were excellent, so I got some more.

Gwendolyn2018 9 June 1

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Only a borderline lie, and one which hurt nobody. The Catholic church had a whole range of different types of lies, which were given different ratings as to how bad they were. From the blackest all the way to the "white" lie which helps, benefits or protects others. Funny they did not include, telling people that your authority comes from and imaginary sky fairy, on the list.

But I think that yours would come very low on the list.

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