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Does anyone have trouble logging in? This is an https site and my Firefox browser refused to log me in claiming the site is not configured right or the certificate has expired. The concern is that overnight this site ( became fake or someone wants to hijack you. This annoying problem can be prevented.

Go to settings in Firefox, find privacy and security, then go to certificates. Add [] as an exception and make it permanent. Certificates are only valid a short time so this should do it. I use Firefox exclusively and this has happened now on 2 or my 3 computers. Close and re-start Firefox and you should be fine.

It is strange to me that this sort of thing is happening. I also find that off and on a site might ask you to login again and even though you have the right info the site wants to text you to "prove it is really you." This last one disguised as how vigilant they are at protecting is really just a guarantee to them that they continue to have all your info.

DenoPenno 9 June 3

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I use the Chrome browser for everything, and there is no opportunity to ignore sites with faulty security configuration.

In order to participate here I'm using an obscure browser that I wouldn't recommend to anyone.


Same here.


I've been having the same problem. I have a "not secure" warning from google in the url. It's been acting a little wonky lately so I was wondering what's going on. Email problems, etc.


Of course there are options, but I hate like HELL to see this site go away.


I am able to access this site using Firefox on my Linux computer but not on my windows computer. Chrome locks me on both computers and does not give me an option to add it as an exception. I am starting to wonder if this site is something of a "flying dutchman" right now. That is not a good sign.


Same issue here. expired certificate so firefox is warning against the site. My phone simply refuses to login anymore. If only there was an admin who would renew the certificate...


I had heard the site needed a new admin sometime back. I couldn’t log in earlier today. Made me sad but much to my delight I managed to log in! Love this group and all the nut jobs in it! Lol! 😂

Thank you from one of the nut jobs 🙂 I love the group too


Submitted to support. Their cert expired. Certain browsers will prevent you from accessing sites that have expired certs.

True, and certificates are not needed for every server site. This site is https so I made an exception in my Firefox browser. This can be done in other browsers too.

@DenoPenno Google says is not https but let's me sign in with a "not secure" warning. I tried and got the same warnings


According to my antivirus program, it appears the site owner hasn't updated the certificate which expired yesterday. Suggesting the site may have the potential to be exposed to our information being stolen. I highly suggest you have your devices well protected until the issue is solved!

I have no info on here to steal in the first place as I am always incognito. My cure was to make this site a permanent exception to the certificate rule. I can do this because I have other programs protecting my data and my banking data is not stored on my PC and I have no gypto crypro. This certificate problem has now involved all 3 of my desktop computers.

William, I do not fully trust my antivirus program because it keeps eating my Vyper VPN as a non trusted program. I have to work around that issue also. This may be because my antivirus also has a VPN that they want you to buy. Vyper (Golden Frog) serves me well and I pay for it monthly at a lesser rate than the AV offers.


I was only able to access the site in incognito mode and couldn't login with my username but was able to with my email address. I think this can only be corrected by the Admin has dropped out of sight. He may have passed away or hopefully just lost interest. Same with, the Bizarro version of this site.

I can access it in incognito mode as well, using Chrome. Who knows how long it will still be here.

@Organist1 I dunno. Maybe we can all figure out how to use it and keep it going a little longer.

@Organist1 I only use my phone. I installed tor browser just for this site. You nead to uncheck toggle for https and check toggle for screenshots. It doesn't seem to allow a shortcut to home screen.

I wonder if the admin has just checked out. I imagine it gets old running these sites


I use Firefox as my primary browser, and the first time I went o log on, it told me the certificate expired, but I just tried it a couple hours late and I had no problem.

In the Community Senate group they said the certificate did expire. I asked if anyone notified @Admin , as I though perheps they meant to renew, but just overlooked it.

Anyway, all seems well now.

So seems well? You could fool me!


If others are sharing with each other the same problem I was having a similar fix for it might also be in other browsers as well. I hope this helped someone.

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