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OPENING Agnostic today and the first dozen posts are BS from @Puff and @patriot1.
It Seemed like it was going to be a good day......until that.

Blocked them both.

Sadly this means i will probably not be seeing a lot of excellent posts by tne sane members of this site, and Messenger not working either, but i turned 75 in July
and have no more time for their mental diarrhea.

AnneWimsey 9 Sep 16

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A sophisticated internet gateway could modify the data stream so that anything posted by those clowns would come out in Simpsons colors. I'll get right on that after I finish 100 other projects. πŸ€ͺ


I read one of the β€œpatriot” posts and followed the whiny link. My mind said, β€œya ya ya, blah blah blah” whatever. πŸ€ͺ


I think it's much like the orange pustule's crappola....."Look at MEEEEEE."


I have blocked over 180 people since l joined in 2018. It is easy, painless, and cuts way down on the number of posts l have to scroll through on a daily basis.


You would have liked my last reply to puff (a tour de force refutation of a flimsy assertion, if I do say so myself) though I have no illusions of actually changing his mind. And that goes a long way in explaining why I totally get your decision to opt out of exposure to his (and 1patriot's) nonsense posts. I would do the same, but it turns out they provide me with a whetstone upon which to sharpen my beak and claws. πŸ˜‚

LOLOLOL, you referred to his ''mind''...i thought this site was a refutation of imaginary things!


I don't block the far right conservatives, but mostly just skip over whatever they post. I mostly just ignore them. Although I do sometimes look at what they post, or reply to my posts, I have come to realize that for many of them, trying to reason with them is mostly like trying to train a wolverine. They just don't want any part of it.

For most of them, I say they are like "dry drunks", who may have stopped drinking, but still have all the negative personality traits and behaviors they developed while they were drinking. Only in their case, they abandoned religion, but still have all the self righteousness and judgementalism they learned from religious people or were taught when they were raised religious. That would be most of them. The rest, I'd just consider to be natural born assholes. Which in either case is why I mostly just ignore them. They believe what they want to believe with little or no actual evidence or thought, just because they were told what to think on Fox News or conservative talk radio. They believe what they were told without questioning or fact checking its validity. So, they may not actually be religious, but they have the mindset of a religious person just the same. The atheist equivalent of a "dry drunk".

I often think, that I hope they didn't join the site for dating purposes, because I'd think most persons on this site would see them as "toxic" personalities to be avoided.


What I do not understand is, and I guess I should be most grateful, I saw none of their posts when I opened and logged into agnostic this Sunday morning.

Sorry you had to endure those 2 early on a Sunday morning. Happy belated Birthday!


They both seem to be so full of themselves and have a complete disregard for the facts.


I should do the same. I just ignore their nonsense, but I agree they are like spam.

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