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Quite unbelievable that a Democrat potus/ WH would refuse secret service security to any presidential candidate that requested it. Especially one from his own party with the name Kennedy. Especially now after this near miss.
How many nutters are out there that would want to make a name for themselves by assassinating a Kennedy? When Hunter rocked up for his court hearing, there was a convey of secret service cars escorting him.

puff 8 Sep 18

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Secret Service provides protection to all Presidents and their families, including ex-presidents. Generally the immediate family. Should they ? very debatable.

If this was to be extended to every presidential candidate, then what ? those applying for the position of White House janitor ?

Considering the tragic history of his family and an unstable country, we should question why he would run. That was his decision, therefore his responsibility.

The world is watching and if a presidential contender is assassinated whilst another is hit with multiple indictments it really starts to look like a banana republic..
From a PR stance, Biden authorising requested protection is a good look whereas him refusing the request is not so good a look.

@puff you want to see a Banana Republic, watch the U.S. Supreme Court and legislation coming out of Florida and Texas.

@Switchcraft When people in power use that power to suppress opposition is banana bending stuff. Isn't this the reason people fear Trump? That he will use the power of the position to keep it?
Australia is exactly the same as in we need a viable third party. Used to be developing one here, formed by Don Chip called the democrats. They were good to start, with a motto of "Keep the bastard's honest". But after his death they got into bed with one of the majors and have now disappeared. Greens ony point out problems, not offer practical solutions so they will never go anywhere.


He should do us all a favor and drop out.


Kennedy is just another nutter.

Think he still needs it.

@puff Here is the bottom line. If you run for POTUS you get a certain amount of protection from the Secret Service. This is the law and no current POTUS can change it and decide that you get no protection. If you have filed and are campaigning you get this protection.

@DenoPenno And the irony is that policy was developed due to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.
My understanding is this is true but only after 100 days to the election (not sure time period). Obama got it a lot earlier and others have as well. No requests for earlier protection status has been denied by a White House, except now. RFK Jr made the request in July and got the reply "unwarranted".

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