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Anybody into The The?

Misstressn 3 May 4

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Mind Bomb is a great album. (And not just because Johnny Marr plays on it.)


This is The Day is the only song by The The that I can recall. Maybe it's a UK thing but that is all I remember - great song though!


I only had the “Soul Mining” album (with “Uncertain Smile&rdquo😉 in college but loved it, still do.

In the dozen years of downloading that eventually followed, I built up discographies of many bands I loved hearing, but never tried for The The, guessing that their name would make any search impossible.


I like the The better than Gaga or Lala or Zaza, but not as much as I like my Mama and Papa. Haha!


Yes, used to be one of my favourite bands.


Hells yes. A great band.


I only vaguely remember them from the '80s, and at that time, they weren't really my thing. I just Googled them and I'm surprised they're still around! Watched The Beaten Generation (which I hadn't heard before) on YouTube and I love it! That song is very much still relevant! I"m going to have to look into them more. Thanks for the tip!

@Lukian Right? I figured they'd be a flash in the pan, but when I Googled them, they're still around! I like them better now than I did back in the 80's, too.


I kind of like Vitas!

When Vitas takes over you- VITAS - "7th element" (MEMES in Public)

Got out of bed this morning at 5, poured a cup of coffee, opened the laptop...and found THIS! What a great way to start my day! LOL!!!!!


"Infected" was the soundtrack to a particularly awesome summer in my teens.
"I was going through the motions - faking the emotions - wriggling around like a lizard in a tin"


Sorry. Maybe if you posted your favourite piece by them?

@germangirl90439 Thank you. Not at all what I expected. I'm very glad I asked for a sample. I especially like the flute.


The what now?

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