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What is our real purpose here?

ArtBrown 3 May 4

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Why would you think the universe owes you a purpose?


The idea of "real" purpose is whats wrong with the question and why it cannot be answered. The parts of our brains and cultures that grasp for purpose evolved to aid our capacity to live and reproduce. Subjective purpose is real, but its meaningless to try to reach consensus on that obviously, subjectivity being what it is.


We are here because we want to be here. Our purpose is to experience and learn new things and be happy.

If we are made of the same energy as the universe, and everyone and everything is connected, then, in a way, we are our own gods, and our purpose is what we choose it to be.


Sometimes I want to believe that I am here to learn lessons in order to grow as a spiritual being. But, if my more atheistic friends are correct, then that's a load of horse shit. Still, I find myself wanting to believe it.

vita Level 7 May 4, 2018

What do you want your real purpose here to be? Figure that out and get started.


There is no all-encompassing purpose for humanity, but people have individual purposes. Your purpose is whatever you decide it is.


Our purpose is found in our values. What matters to you?

@uncommited : Wow. I'm overcome by the sadness and hopelessness in your reply.

Do you have grandkids you love? Anyone else you love? Do you care about the homeless, the hungry? Do you care about social justice? Politics? Making the world a better place? There are your values. There is your reason to keep up the struggle. There is your purpose.

May peace be with you.


Our purpose? Do you mean the overall, big, big, BIG purpose? That was summed up beautifully by Alan Ormsby in the eponymous film "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things":

"Man is a machine that manufactures manure."

If you're asking why we are on this website, our computers get sexually excited when 1s and 0s are entered into them. Some computers like the different variety of 1s and 0s entered by posters on this website.


To be the best we can at everything. Isn't that why we are all here? Or is the answer to that question -- 42?

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